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European banker

The good old times in Singapore are over... We don't need that dirty money anymore.

Chocolate Therapy at The Cellar Door

Prepare to change your mouth permanently. Chocolate Therapy from New Zealand make really beautiful interesting flavoured bars of cocoa based delights.

Flavours include lemongrass, lime chilli, salt and cardamom.

Take advantage of having hands free conical play friends and feast on chocolate lushness, to enjoy sensual pleasures of a new order.

Or keep things a bit calmer and pop a few pieces after dinner. You can buy it here in Singapore at The Cellar Door, 611 Bukit Timah Road.

You can pick up some more oral delights here with plenty of NZ specialities including delicious cheeses.,


Living in Singapore

"Singapore's cross cultures"

Antagonism and hatred, ill-feeling and jealousy are rife in any society, and Singapore does not escape its fare share...

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For Her

Yoga in Singapore

Do you Yoga?

Yoga is not only good for the body, but for the mind as well. .

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For Him

Orchard Towers

Orchard Towers

Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask...

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Think Magazine Singapore on Facebook



The word 'creativity' has so many diverse meanings & interpretations.

Are educators here psychologically prepared to be vessels of thinking skills to the future pillars of Singapore?

Think takes a look at what it takes to get the thinkin' juices flowing.

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Bohem Art Hotel in Budapest

russian dating

Late Night Dining...

Late night dining in Singapore

A common question asked in our offices is,

Where, at three-twenty in the morning an you stuff my face and thus perhaps avert a hangover?

And can a meal be had for under ten dollars?

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