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This is where the bloggers step in, to save you the hassle of wasting time and money on crappy outlets with dodgy food.

Since these are blogs rather than business sites catered to promoting certain restaurants and eateries for their own benefit, there’s little distorting of the truth to fit their cau$e.

It’s actually really enjoyable to read an honest view rather than something flossed up insincerely. Of course one man’s opinion will never be quite good enough to obtain a balanced outlook, but at least it is a frank depiction of one perception and that alone makes it a better plane to form our own decisions around.‘s site is a good mix of neighbourly views and insights, and professional reviews of food. The owner of the page is an actual writer and has developed the website to the extent that it’s pretty well-known for its recommendations of food.

It is now so successful that the author invites advertisers to his site due to its high viewership. On another note though, this might jeopardise the writer’s credibility of an unbiased review. One good thing about this blog though, it does not distract with too many other gimmicks and it is localised.

{loadposition content_adsensecontent} is not a blog, but a site to support the publications of the Makansutra books. The name “makansutra” is already a symbol for food guides and good food and so this website is surely a helpful source for researching on eatables. The problem with the site is that unlike chubbyhubby and eatbma, makansutra has too many things going on like makansutra mobile, makansutra tv etc, which makes the reader feel more like he or she is participating in the business of makansutra rather than getting a good review or recommendation of the food he or she is looking for.

Of course this large diversification of makansutra events can be a good thing as well, showing that there are many ways to connect to the makansutra news of food and the events that they hold to bring people on food tours and the likes. It all depends on what the reader is looking for. features entry after entry of food reviews from the anonymous Travelling Hungryboy. It’s extremely easy to read as it is purely and straightforwardly a blogging site all about food and nothing else.

The only catch with this website is that since the blogger is a travelling writer, Singaporeans wanting reviews on local food will not be able to find them easily, and yet even if they want information regarding food overseas, will not be able to get them at the snap of their fingers as well since the blogger writes freely about all the food at every stop wherever he goes. Overall, these blogs mentioned are good reads for finding food gems and are well-worth a visit for every lusty foodie.

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