With all the recent buzz about Dempsey and Tanglin Village, we decided to provide our friends with a round up of the various F&B options (other than Hacienda) that we’re aware of. First up, our favourite Mexican restaurant Margarita’s has just opened at block 11 in Dempsey. One of Singapore’s best kept secrets, the original Margarita’s is still packing in the crowds at Faber Drive (108 Faber Drive, Tel: +65 6777 1782, Fax: +65 6776-5512) but it’s now that much easier for us to wolf down their legendary ‘kitchen sink burrito’!

A couple of recent and highly popular additions to our enclave include cosy Italian eatery Fabbrica (18-B Dempsey Road, fabbrica@fabbrica.com.sg www.fabbrica.com.sg, Tel: 6479 7808) with their wonderful desserts (pictured) and ChangKorean BBQ (Tanglin Village Block 18C, 18 Dempsey Road, Open Daily: Noon – 3pm, 6 – 10pm, Tel: +65 6473 9005) restaurant. Both serve delicious cuisine and are always full so I would highly recommend making reservations in advance.

Another place that is also practically impossible to get in without prior booking is PS. Cafe (28B Harding Road) which is hard to beat for chic casual dining.

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And if you’re in the mood for great value wines and a quiet after dinner chat/drink, you have a choice of either the Wine Network or Wine Company both of which have an excellent range of wines to choose from.

And finally, look out for chic French restaurant Au Petit Salut (44 Jalan Merah Saga Tel: +65 6475 1976) and everybody’s favourite ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has opened at Dempsey too.

Before I go, just a quick plug to introduce the ‘notorious’ Mini Wagyu Burger as well as the ‘scandalous’ Crab Cakes that has been so successful at Superfamous, is now on the menu at Hacienda too! Both the Mini Wagyu Burgers and Crab Cakes will be available at Hacienda ( Tanglin Village 13 Dempsey Road Tel: +65 6476 2922) daily starting from today…

Just south of the Singapore Botanical Gardens across Holland Road / Napier Road lies the beautiful and colonial Dempsey Road area which is worthwhile to explore. There are many antique shops, pubs and restaurants here which are housed in colonial buildings. This area used to be an army camp called the Central Manpower Base, but it has been converted many years ago. A very beautiful place worth visiting.

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