If you have saved up for a long time to visit Singapore, which is why your parents gave you some money towards your parking4less ticket, your accommodation or some spending money to use in nice restaurants, then you are sure to be excited for all the lovely food yet to come, be sure to head to a foodcourt with many outlets, with ample {mnf=off} parking4less so you don’t have to validate too many tickets while you enjoy your makan!

Singaporeans enjoy a wide variety of seafood including fish, squid – which is called sotong in Malay – stingray, crab, lobster, clams and oyster. If you love seafood then look out for some of their popular dishes which include Hang hir (Barbecued stingray). Here, the fish is covered in sambal and served on banana leaf.

The Black pepper crab is also very popular – the crab is cooked in its shell and is covered in a black pepper sauce. The chilli cab is also tasty, it’s basically crab cooked in a thick tomato and chilli-based gravy.

There are also some very unusual but tasty drinks in Singapore. Those with a sweet tooth will love the range of sweet drinks available. Chin chow drink for example is a sweetened drink with grass jelly. The Bandung uses rose syrup with evaporated milk which gives it a really creamy texture. Bubble tea, combines boba balls (tapioca and carrageenan powder), with milk and tea.

There are also some popular Western drinks which have been given a unique twist. The Horlicks dinosaur for instance (pictured above), is simply a Horlicks topped with additional Horlicks powder. The Milo Godzilla is very indulgent – it’s a regular Milo drink topped with a scoop of ice cream and Milo sprinkles on top.

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