Solo Valentines

Radio stations have started playing those sappy ‘I will always looove you’ renditions and Tiffany’s bling blings suddenly sparkle ever so brightly. Whether is it a blue box or a flower that lives in your fantasy, there is no way you can run away from it. Commercials that scream everlasting love and make you feel dejected are suddenly everywhere. The air is filled with nothing but saccharine coated love.

That lovey dovey Valentine-like atmosphere will probably be around to haunt you prior to that dreaded day and last for at least the entire month. It can be a drag, yes, on the fourteenth day of the second month of the year – the day more commonly known as Valentine’s Day. Romance suddenly becomes a fad and couples schmooze and cuddle each other to death while, ahem, the swinging singles simply embrace their freedom or moose around in self-pity.

If you happen to fall in the latter category, don’t be ashamed. So what if you’re dateless or don’t have a guy in your life? Come on girlfriend, it’s time for you to show those lovebirds what you’re made of. Valentine’s Day is not reserved for couples only – oh no it ain’t even close to the truth. This is a day where you can simply pamper and love yourself. If you don’t appreciate yourself and your existence, who will? Am I right girls?

In case you’re still lost and can’t figure out how you’re going to make it past that day as a dateless individual, well help is here. We’ve put together a guide that suggests ten different ways you can enjoy the love-ly occasion. Have fun!

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01. DIY party

Gather all your single friends, rent a DVD, have a sleepover and just chill out. One warning though – make sure it’s not going to be one of those ‘oh if only I had a boyfriend’ self pity get-togethers. This party should be a celebration of freedom. Yes, the freedom to go anywhere without having to ‘report’ to a certain ‘other half’ and the freedom to check out any guy you damn well please. Why not cook your own food? Or you could simply make some sandwiches, toss up a fool-proof salad and just have fun. After all it’s only a day of the year. Forget about the lack of a love life or what not. Live for the moment. This is a perfect chance to bond with your dear friends.

02. Pure indulgence

Pamper yourself. It’s certainly time for you to de-stress and just put your worries at the bin. Head on down to a spa to calm yourself, and think clear. Breathe in, think happy thoughts and relax. This is a perfect chance for you to sort your goals, aspirations, what you need to do and achieve. It’s much easier for the single girl. Trust me, there’s a lot less inhibitions of course.

03. Work that bod

Workout! Exercise makes you feel good. It stimulates the release of endorphins (yes, that feel good chemical). Why not make your way down to the gym or a kickboxing class? It’s a perfect way to keep in shape and feel good! You’ll end up looking good too, trust me. Who says you need to do it for somebody? You’re worth a whole lot more. Doing something for yourself says a lot. Now, I’m sure you’d want a body like Jennifer Garner’s, wouldn’t you?

Why not check out…

Planet Fitness (3 Temasek Boulevard, #07-001 Suntec City Mall, 6820 9000,

Amore Fitness (Cineleisure Orchard, #03-04, 8 Grange Road, Telephone: +65 6732 1822,

California Fitness (1 Grange Road, Orchard Building. Tel: +65 6834 2100, MRT: Somerset Station Exit B

04. Metamorphosis

Go for a makeover. Get yourself a new haircut! Come on, I think you’ve had enough of that straight flat-ironed hair.. That’s so passe. Try a new funky, stylish look. Be daring. You don’t have to answer to any guy. So what if most guys like long hair. It’s not as if you have to explain your reason to a boyfriend. Take this opportunity to simply reconstruct your image and impress everybody.

Manage your tresses at…

Kimage (#02-09, Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Rd., 6837-0572,

Toni & Guy (#03-03/04, The Heeren, 260 Orchard Rd., 6835-4556,

05. Off the beaten track

Be adventurous. Go on a backpacking trip to Thailand, or hell, just explore Singapore! Get off the beaten track, take a camcorder, make some precious memories that you can look back and enjoy with your fellow friends. Venture to places you’ve never gone before. Check out the quaint shops in Little India that sell anything from bangles to saris and the works. If you live in the east, go ahead, be daring enough to check out the west side of the island. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t get lost. Best if you go with a group happy single friends. Being single doesn’t mean boring and pathetic you know. It’s far from that. How often do you get a chance to do what you really wanted to do? Appreciate the fact that you don’t have to make do with something that your supposed boyfriend likes.

06. Tongue-tied

Treat yourself. Buy a box of Godiva or simply indulge in a chocolate fondue from Haagen Dazs (#02-01/03 Esplanade Mall, 6336-4022) or make one yourself. Got a sweet tooth? Why not just tuck into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s? My favourite is the New York Super Fudge Chunky. Come on, you’re not worried about putting on the pounds are you? Relax girl friend, you won’t balloon after just one sitting of delicious treats. Besides you don’t have to worry about looking svelte for any guy. You’re single and loving it remember?

07. Spread some love

Instead of wondering what it would be like if you had a guy to pamper and love you, why not go do someone else that favour. Go be a volunteer at an organization and spread the love to those who really need it. It beats trying to have to reassure a guy that you love him truly, madly, deeply. At least the people who are blessed to feel your warmth will definitely appreciate it. Contact the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (#05-01, Annex B, MND Complex, 7 Maxwell Rd., 1800-325-0965, for details on how to go about being a volunteer.

08. Sit that kid

Baby sit your friend’s children for the day. Bring them to the zoo, or the beach. Come on, it ain’t so bad. At least you’ll be doing your dear friend a favour as she gets precious time off to enjoy the day with her husband. Besides, animals are fun to watch; at least you don’t have to clean up after them or make sure they lift their toilet seats.

09. I can tech, so can you

For the tech savvy, why not just play some games, check out interesting websites or simply read people’s blogs and dig up the dirt on that girl who’s cheating on her guy who’s cheating on his girl with his sister’s cousin’s boyfriend. If you’re not the nosey type, well then you might want to sit patiently and fill out those quizzes that try to determine the kind of person you are. Best yet, reply to emails that you’ve not even checked since that month you promised to remember.

Interesting websites to consider:

10. Wax lyrical

Sit down and get in touch with your creative side. Call out your muse. Immerse yourself with intellectual reads to the likes of Jane Austen or Shakespeare. Write some poetry or get in touch with your creative energy. You are after all an intelligent capable woman. You don’t need an egoistic guy to try to make you feel dumb. Wonder woman, work your magic and work that brain.

Viola, it’s pretty simple isn’t it?

Follow the guide and I guarantee that you will have a pleasant V-day even if you don’t have a guy by your side. You have no reason not to enjoy yourself on this most romanticized day of the year. Go on, smile and be glad that you’re single and happy and far from miserable. Spread the love already, my fellow single one. If you’re still not sure what to do on Valentine’s Day, don’t fear, here are some even simpler suggestions to make the loneliness pass more quickly:

• Get drunk at home alone.

• Get drunk at a restaurant with friends.

• Get drunk at a club and go home with a stranger.

• Get drunk at a strip bar, black-out, and wake up the next morning in Bangkok, married to a hairy hunchbacked dwarf named Moe.

• Become bisexual and double your chances for next Valentine’s Day!

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