New Zealand is a dream destination for an increasing number of travellers. With it’s near perfect beaches, mountains, wildlife and Maori culture it is easy to see why more people are choosing to see New Zealand. It isn’t cheap to explore this popular tourist destination – you have to take in to consideration quite an expensive long haul flight. Once you’ve arrived at your destination food and excursions can see your original budge blown out of the window. 

It is still possible to travel around New Zealand on a budget. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to chip away at the cost of your dream holiday. This list is there to help you save costs but it will not take away from your experience, you will still see everything you need to see and eat well!

1. Planning you trip

You should make sure that you visit New Zealand at the right time of year. The seasons in New Zealand are in the reverse to the Northern Hemisphere, this means that the high season for tourists is from December to February. It’s not only tourists that flock to the most popular sights during the high season, New Zealanders also make an effort to visit the most beautiful sights in their country. Due to the increase demands prices go up during the high season. If you want to save some money you should think about visiting during the winter months. Tourism is down everywhere in New Zealand during the winter months, apart from the skiing areas which are thriving at that time of year.

2. Mangaing your money

It’s a good idea to try and get and ATM card that doesn’t charge you for overseas withdrawals. If you have a card that doesn’t charge you it will mean that you save some pennies because you won’t have to suffer bad exchange rates or commission when changing your money. It’s best to try and avoid the fees! So, if you can bring cash with you or get zero charge on your ATM cards then that’s perfect! If you do withdraw a large amount of cash or bring a lot with you make sure to store it somewhere very safe!

3. Attractions

It’s very easy to spend hundreds of dollars a day on tours and entrance fees to famous sites. These prices only increase if you’re going to go on a helicopter or do a bungee jump. You’re well advised to do as much research as you possibly can! Read as many reviews as you possibly can from other travellers, this will allow you to make up your mind and also find the best priced excursions and tours.

4. Travel

You can of course use public transport but sometimes it’s just best to do it yourself! There’s a reason why so many people choose to rent a car or a camper van when touring around Australia. You give yourself freedom and can go wherever you like, you don’t have to rely on timetables or schedules of bus/train companies, you can go at your own pace. Another major bonus of using a camper van is that you save on hotel fees!

Rent Caravan New Zealand – renting a caravan in New Zealand is a great idea, go at your own pace and avoid any accommodation charges!


Hire Car in Auckland – if you’re arriving in Auckland then it’s good to consider hiring a car and heading off to explore everything that New Zealand has to offer.

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