It takes a lot to have a svelte figure these days – think pills, painful injections, and crash diets. Is it that tough a task to be able to look good? I think not. Especially since we have many other painless alternatives; Penthouse Aesthetiques Centre is one such option.

Having opened recently in January, this centre offers a variety of treatments that takes care of your face, body and over all wellness. This isn’t just a slimming centre – it’s much more than that.

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With an ambience not unlike that of a posh hotel, the centre aims to provide for a more personalized service without the clinical feel. They even have VIP rooms that customers can book for a private party with their girl friends. It doesn’t even cost a cent to use the rooms; you just pay for the treatments as usual and let them know you want some privacy. It’s as easy as that.

Of all the treatments offered at this place, it’s got to be the needle free mesotherapy that stands out the most. I had a chance to try out this revolutionary non-invasive treatment and boy was I intrigued. Most mesotherapy treatments out there require injections and the thought of inflicting pain on myself for the sake of a trimmer me just freaks me out I’m sorry to say.

So I welcomed this needle free alternative which was just as effective. They use a TransDermal Electrodiffusion System to diffuse slimming cocktails deep into the hypodermis of the body. The fat cells beneath my skin are then liquefied, thus leaving me lighter, at least I hope! It’s hard to see the difference with just one session but I think my tummy is a tad firmer now.

Penthouse Wellness ClinicIf your main concern is keeping a youthful face, then you could try their Electroporation Vitamin C Treatment. Your skin will be infused with the purest form of Vitamin C which breaks down melanin and pigmentation and stimulates collagen formulation thus preventing premature aging.

There’s also the Penthouse Wellness Treatment where you get the ultimate facial treat which incorporates the microdermabrasion technique, rejuvenating Swiss serum, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (Fotofacial RF) treatment. Your skin is guaranteed to be silkier, firm and lifted.

So erase those fears of yours right now and be well assured that a firmer, lighter and a more youthful you is nowhere near impossible.

– Penthouse Aesthetiques Centre Pte Ltd, Healthcare & Wellness Clinic 290 Orchard Road, Penthouse Suite 20-02, Paragon, Tel: 6510-1980,, Email:

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