The Dubliner is instantly recognizable by its ‘mascot’ – a portrait of an ‘ugly’ Irish man that sits blatantly on the exterior of the pub. No, he’s not the owner – he’s simply a strange unidentifiable guy picked to give the pub an intriguing Irish image. Tucked in a corner that’s not quite in the middle of the town’s hustle and bustle, such a quaint rustic hangout is not your typical pub.

The Dubliner Irish Bar & PubThis Irish outfit has an aged feel to it and the interior is as cosy as your grandmother’s home. Stepping into The Dubliner is like walking into an entirely different time zone.

Guinesses are not all that you can get at this place. Amazingly they serve quality restaurant food as well. Just don’t go expecting the usual pub grub. Instead, a trip to The Dubliner’s might jolly well be not with the goal of drinking your socks off, but to stimulate your taste buds.

Start off with some crisp salt and pepper squid with red onion, parsley and watermelon salad if you don’t know what to order. This excellent combination of watermelon with seafood perks you up well and good. The fresh juicy squid is well complemented by the fruit’s natural sweetness.

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Fried to perfection, these squids taste like squid should.Their mussels steamed in white wine with garlic, basil and cream is also a definite must-try.

The mussels are flown in from Australia and thankfully lack that fishy taste that one usually dreads. The white wine sauce gives a lovely tinge of sweetness to the dish and the fragrant garlic does justice to the concoction together with the basil and cream.

The Dubliner Irish Bar & Pub

The Dubliner Irish Bar & Pub

My personal favorite would be the grilled seabass fillet with egg plant curry peppers and garam masala. This tends to be a little spicy and fuses a bit of the east and west. The Indian spices goes well with the fresh tender seabass and the crisp skin is a delight to munch on. The fish goes well with the eggplant and peppers which are dressed with yoghurt. There’s a brilliant mix of ingredients here and this dish is certainly the most unlikely to be served in a pub, but then again, The Dubliner’s full of surprises.

Surprise me they did again, with their chicken supreme filled with ricotta, tomato and herbs, roast potatoes, beans and warm basil dressing. The idea of combining ricotta cheese with grilled chicken has served them well. What they’ve done is to place the cheese under the skin and allowed the flavours to meld together.

So when I bite into it, what I taste is the lovely cheesy texture of the ricotta and the warm tasty chicken. I really loved the cherry potatoes with the sundried tomatoes that gave it a certain sweet and tangy kick. The basil dressing goes well with the chicken and completes the entire dish.

The next time you feel a little hungry and thirsty at the same time, try going to The Dubliner. Order a glass of Wolf Blass (available at retail prices, not restaurant prices!) with your delectable main course and tuck in – it sure beats having to put up with boring pub food when you’re at a pub.

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