The Canary Tourmaline Collection

The Canary Tourmaline Collection

Henceforth, the world came to know of this vibrant gemstone as the “Canary Tourmaline”. It is now sought after worldwide for it’s unusual luminous electric yellow hue and rarity as only a tiny percentage of the rough mined stones can only be used as jewellery.

Any gem aficionado would know that tourmalines exist in a myriad of colours, but the luminous electric yellow was known to be lacking in the spectrum of tourmaline colours. It was only with the recent discovery of the Canary Tourmalines that this spectrum gap was filled, thanks to a rich abundance of manganese in the stones.

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The enigmatic Canary Tourmaline also has a fruity secret. When the tourmalines are hauled from the mine, these precious babies are often found protectively covered with a layer of black material. The resourceful mine owners found out that by boiling these rough gemstones in water with lemon juice, they were able to get rid of the black material gently without causing any intrinsic damage to the stone beneath. Not only do the zesty Canary Tourmalines remind you of the lemon, they also have an intimate chemical connection with the citrus fruit.

Finally, this elusive gemstone that wowed the world and caused major “gold fever” in Japan has reached the sunny shores of Singapore, in Loang & Noi’s new “The Canary Tourmaline Collection”.

From the Tumbuku Mine in Zambia to the hands of Loang & Noi’s designer, NOI, these dazzling beauties are transformed into breathtaking pieces as NOI infuses her signature design ingenuity into the Canary Tourmaline collection. Every piece of exquisite jewellery is meticulously handcrafted and brought to life by the fleet of masterful craftsment from Loang & Noi.

The main attraction of this collection is a pair of stunning earrings set in 18-carat white gold with 34 carats of Canary Tourmaline and 4 carats of rose cut diamonds. “The Canary Tourmaline Collection” also takes on unique combinations of stones, with infusions of earthy chalcedony, brilliant spessartine garnet and perfect South Sea pearls into a collection of rare gems that would simply take your breath away.

“The Canary Tourmaline Collection” is showcased exclusively at Loang & Noi, Paragon.

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