Situated near the beach at East Coast Parkway, next to the landmark McDonalds Outlet, the gym is a beachfront fitness activity centre – with personalised training including beach runs, water sports and a full gym with two state of the art treadmills, free weights and machines to cover every single muscle group.

I arrived at the venue launch in time to witness the sensual 4 girl performance under the marquee doing a very convincing rendition of Shakira’s “Wherever whenever” – including the complete dance routine.

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I was taken further aback when Body Club manager Ghani, 5 time winner of Mr. Asia and 7 time Mr. Malaysia Bodybuilding champion indicated that the curvy singers were in fact members of the Body Club. Being an authority on bodybuilding, Ghani heads the entire team at the gym and facilitates the entire plethora of activities.

I was increasingly impressed when live act D4 took the stage with RnB vibes and a short body builders’ showcase. Even celebrities such as Andrea De Cruz, Pierre Png and Koh Chieng Mun graced the opening – the novel concept was one to celebrate. Although the feel of a beach gym is iconic to Baywatch and other very western notions of glamour, it is a good thing that Singapore has a taste of such lifestyle luxuries.

Although the annual package is $2500 SGD ($1700 SGD for the ‘off-peak’ package between 9am-4pm only on weekdays), one can expect a very exclusive and complete fitness experience with structured activities and 5 personalised training sessions a year. The only jibe would be that East Coast is a little out of the way, but the sheer sense of escapism thrills like only a short trip to Bintan… definitely enough to knock the taste of office brewed coffee right out of your mouth.

And if you think getting fit at Body Club was a Spartan affair, there is an integrated F&B element with the restaurant front serving up a choice selection of health food with options for putting on mass as well as keeping it slim. “Keeping it tight” is the adage that owner Chris Nightingale has in mind in regards to physical form as well as his membership policy. “We are not intending to have too many members as our gym space is very small.” – but small is relative considering the abundant space of the East Coast beach for all manner of aerobic and otherwise fun program.

– The Body Club is built at 1000 Marine Cove, #01-11 East Coast Parkway

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