Claus Kroyer (centre)

THINK: Do tell us a little about you and Guide2party?

CLAUS: Well, I’m from Denmark, and we started off down here in 2004, with the vision of starting a dating website, where singles could mingle, so to speak.

THINK: But aren’t there plenty of these sites online already?

CLAUS: The issue with these dating websites is that all of these websites are international rather than local, so instead of us doing a replica of these dating websites, we first had the idea of starting this website and we made it unique, by making it local. While it isn’t very useful for you to sit down here in Singapore and find a girl in Portugal, the idea of this website is to have a strong local focus, the main concept of it prioritising and taking care of the events and social mingling within the local scene as its first priority.

THINK: Doesn’t that leave with you with a rather small pool of available people?

CLAUS: If you’re outgoing and travel a lot, the websites are connected with similar portals overseas, with the added advantage of going to similar localised events overseas. And this is what we started out with in 2004. Last year, we also wanted to integrate a nightlife portal, because I’m a former disco boy – I started fifty nightclubs in Denmark from 1991-2001.

THINK: Fifty!

CLAUS: Yes, fifty! But in 2002 we sold everything, we already had a similar nightlife portal already in Denmark, and of course we had a big database, and we wanted to integrate that in our website. We wanted to start it off here too, because we couldn’t find anything local, after several net searches, and in 2004 there still was nothing at all – until year after that there was a already.

THINK: Ah, beat you to the punch, didn’t they?

CLAUS: It was very similar to what I’ve seen before. So instead of being competitors, we decided to partner up- our company Network came in and bought Nightlife at the time. Our plans were to integrate portals, so there’s one website, for singles to look for events for singles- not in clubs, at places where you can actually mingle. We want to put people together.

THINK: We want to lose our customers – by hooking them up!

CLAUS: How does that work if you are trying to lose customers?

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THINK: That’s where comes in. When our lost customers, now hooked up, are looking to go out and have experiences, they’ll automatically get events from guide2party so they can go out as a couple now and have fun and experience life together.

CLAUS: That comes together nicely. What does Nightlife have to do with this?

THINK: That’s what we’re going to do with Nightlife – benefit a lot of members with privileges to clubs- and these events will be presented on Nightlife’s website and if you join our website you can read about the events and see all the pictures- it’s a kind of networking. Most of the events are meant to be in clubs, but if you are willingly single, and you’re thinking that this isn’t for likeminded people like myself, there’s still the controversial Jetset room.

CLAUS: Jetsetters? Sounds elitist already!

THINK: But this is still on the same site- now you’re saying you live in the fast lane, you want to have a life beyond your 9-5 job, I’ve got money, and I look good – the dictionary definition is somebody who has lots of money and loves to travel.

CLAUS: So what is the criteria to enter?

THINK: Definitely! We selected 100 guys and 100 girls and they voted each other in, or out, to create the first database. You submit your profile- you get three profile pictures to show you’re a jetsetter – and the members screen them – All the people already voted in, can see the profile and vote whether or not they get in so it’s a vote within 48hrs. You have to wait two days for all the votes to be tallied. We, the administrators don’t play god – we let the members vote. You could say it’s member run, because the members hold the power!

CLAUS: The launch party is going to be on 1st September – Jetsetters from all over the world will be flying in.

THINK: What will the party be like?

CLAUS: A truly international event- people all over the world will know about the party and travel over here to attend the party – and everybody knows who everyone is because it’s an elite members club – for a truly international experience. Singapore is a door to Asia – and we hope to spread to all the other cities in Asia from here, starting in Japan then moving to Hong Kong, and China.

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