For you who have been reading this page religiously over the past months, I’m sure you’ve had a glimpse of my ‘awesome’ luck of dealing with the worse bunch of them men. I’m not sure what creatures these swollen headed beings have evolved to. It’s no wonder Freud (a man) never figured out women. I guess he was simply too into himself too.

All right, enough lamenting already. Thanks for bearing with me; I just had to get that off my chest. Men aside, I do have an interesting tale to tell. Finally, one that doesn’t reek of testosterone. It all happened one Sunday afternoon… At China Square Central. I was feeling rather hungry since I woke up at 1pm on a Sunday. Me being the lazy one, I had no energy to cook so I decided to head out for lunch.

I was actually walking along the many shop houses and food stalls when suddenly an aromatic whiff of something fragrant hit me. It smelt like coffee and hmmm butter. Sounds weird but also delicious at the same time.

I looked around and saw a line out side this little corner shop at one of the food courts. I looked up at the sign and saw the name ‘Rotiboy’, which directly translated, means bread boy. Okay, interesting enough. It smelt good and I suppose it might taste as good too, so I joined the queue. I still had no idea why the queue was so long – well, maybe they too smelt the aroma.

Anyway I know you’re wondering, what’s so great about queuing for some stupid bread? Well darling, the ‘party’ is just getting started. It all started when I felt someone graze my arm. Turns out, a person behind me ‘accidentally’ brushed against me because of the crowd. I thought nothing of it at first. Then all of a sudden, someone tapped my shoulders and stretched out a hand, “Hi, I’m Asthen, you look familiar, do I know you from somewhere?”.

At that second, I couldn’t think straight. No I have never seen Asthen before but I suddenly felt as if this wasn’t the first time we’ve met. There’s certainly something about Asthen. From the moment I saw the hand to the voice that came out from that mouth, I knew that Asthen was different.


After we both got our Rotiboy, we sat down at a near by coffee place to finish our delightful snack, which by the way tasted buttery and light at the same time. The coffee flavour gave the bread a nice oomph. The centre was soft and warm and oh-so-sinful. Butter in its purest form is ecstasy I say. Asthen seemed to think the same way.

We both finished our Rotiboys rather quickly and decided to go back for more. This time, we decided to share one. Throughout the entire time, I couldn’t stop looking at Asthen. I had no idea why. I thought I was crazy. I usually am not that dumb-founded. But this time, I guess there was something different, really different.

Turns out, Asthen was a model of German-Thai-Korean descent. Pretty exotic huh? I thought so too. Apparently Asthen thought I looked gorgeous and was perhaps a model too. Asthen was just about to head off to Sentosa to chill with some friends and asked if I wanted to come along.

My answer was rather predictable of course, how could I refuse an invitation from a beautiful person huh? We headed off to Sentosa, but not before I went home to get my bikini.

Turns out, Asthen had a birthday party to attend at KM 8, this new beach outfit at Sentosa. It was a last minute thing and there was no one to go with, so Asthen thought I’d fit right in. Oh boy did I fit right in. Stepping into KM 8 is like stepping into paradise. Everywhere I turned, there were hunky dudes and bikini babes. It was literally a flesh fest.

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Asthen really looked sexy and for a split second, just a nano-second, I almost wondered what it’ll be like if we kissed. Okay, okay, I’m really starting to think crazy thoughts. Maybe it’s just because of all the jerks I’ve been dating. Maybe what I need is someone sensitive sweet and not from Mars. Anyway me and Asthen got ourselves a quiet corner to chat and have some drinks. I don’t know how long we were there but soon it got quite dark and I wasn’t the least bit bored! But I know I was getting rather tipsy. Asthen and I really seemed to hit it off rather well. Almost too well in fact…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I didn’t enjoy Asthen’s company. It just seemed too perfect. We both have the same ideals, dreams, and oh yeah, we love Rotiboy. Haha, okay that aside; seriously I was feeling something, and Asthen definitely felt the same way. How did I know? Well, that’s because of what happened next…

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and left the table we had occupied for the longest time. I was washing my face by the sink when I saw Asthen behind me! Coming up to me all of a sudden, Asthen squeezed me tight and gave me a hug. I turned around and soon we were all over each other. Okay, I’ll stop there before I divulge too much information. What happened next was beyond me.

When we left the bathroom, I found that my handbag had been stolen. What luck. My keys and basically everything was in there! Asthen consoled me and invited me over to stay. I had to agree; I had no choice did I? Well but secretly, half of me wanted to. Boy oh boy, I think I was starting to really like Asthen. And I never thought I would feel this way. So off we went, to Asthen’s place, but not before staying out to watch the stars in the sky. I spotted a shooting star. That’s a good sign, I silently thought. I do believe this might be a start of something beautiful… for now.

Oh, and by the way, in case I forgot to mention, Asthen’s Venus material. I guess I really do surprise myself, and others at times. Go figure.

– Rotiboy, 7 locations in SIngapore. Visit their really cool website at for details.

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