Expectantly, this comes from personal experience if you haven’t guessed by now. Don’t fault me, it was honestly unintentional.Besides, one of my pals in yoga class just got married to this suave Russian dude she met on Friendster. Yes, Friendster, the hot networking cum personal dating tool that has made quite a lot of lonely people happy. I think.

Blame my muddleheaded state of mind at that moment but wait a minute before you start judging me and thinking out loud what a shameless slut I am because darling, that ain’t nice and just too far from the truth. I’ll save you the trouble of figuring out what happened and just give you the juice straight off the silver platter. It all started with me trying to add some spice in my life. Don’t mind the corny spicy reference but well I just thought I had to find new ways of meeting people.

In a desperate move to prove that I might just be one lucky bunny, I got myself an account on Friendster, put up the hottest picture I could find of ‘moi’ and started searching for worthy dudes. Before I could even pick any, a couple had already messaged me. But of all the ‘hi, you wanna be my friend’ messages that I got, only two actually stood out. Yes, Jerome and Jermaine.

Now, don’t get any wrong ideas. Both are dudes and not related at all. Though I must admit I suspected it was all a prank. Thankfully both look as if they’d just stepped out of a photo shoot. Jerome was Mexican and Jermaine was an ABC (American Born Chinese) working as a model on this modest island. That’s right, that explains that hot bod in the photos.

Okay, enough about those two, let me tell you my ‘exciting’ endeavours with these two gorgeous lads. Well, after talking to them on the phone, I decided to meet them both. Jerome wanted to meet at Sentosa and so did Jeramaine. Pure coincidence? Maybe. Well but I didn’t give a hoot at that point in time. So anyway, I was to meet Jerome on a Saturday afternoon. He wanted to recommend me this cool chill-out bar by the beach. Minutes later, Jermaine called and suggested we meet on a Saturday. At that point, I was already on cloud nine. Couldn’t believe how two drool-worthy guys would be so eager to be mine. My very own beach boys I call them. I replied him while in a daze, and simply said yes. I didn’t even remember what he said next…

Coastes Beach Bar Sentosa

Come Saturday…

My Mexican man Jerome picked me up with his oh-so-retro polka dotted Vespa. Now now, he’s a designer, thus the creative mode of transportation. Anyway, we reached Sentosa in time for lunch. He took me to Coastes, the amazing place he was raving about.

True enough, it’s just the perfect place to chill out and enjoy the sea breeze while lying on any of their hammocks or deck chairs. The place oozed a vibe that screamed stylish yet casual and chic. Jerome ordered us some Polish sausages and some grilled chicken wings. Apparently, they grill their food on an open grill a la minute.

I was famished and downed three of the sausages in record time. I was busy eating when my phone rang. Who should it be but Jermaine. Yep and guess what? He was at Sentosa, at this place called Trapizza where I was supposedly to have met him at. Then it all suddenly made sense. Jerm had asked me to meet him on the exact same Saturday that I was to meet Jerome! Right. My bad. Am I in the deepest sh*t or what? I quickly told Jermaine that I was in a cab and would be reaching soon.

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Thankfully, Jermaine’s call came when Jerome was at the boy’s room. When he came back, I excused myself to go use the ladies. I took this chance to take off and headed straight for Trapizza which wasn’t too far off. Jermaine was already waiting there patiently. I gave him the sweetest smile I could muster and told him I’d make it up to him.

Trapizza was actually kind of an Italian eatery with a lovely menu. I ordered the seafood linguine with white wine ($18). The pasta came with prawns, mussels, crab meat and was very fragrant because of the garlic and basil used. I was enjoying my food so much that I had clean forgotten about poor Jerome waiting for me back at Coastes.

My phone rang again. I knew it was Jerome. I told Jermaine it was an important call from my boss. Jerome was rather concerned, he’d gone to the bathroom to check if I was okay. But of course, he couldn’t find me. So I told him I had walked down to the nearby 7-Eleven store to get some panadol. Gullible Jerome believed me and was so concerned to the point where he started to sound just like my mum. Eeew.

I had to go back to Coastes. But what do I tell Jermaine? Well I just told him I needed to go to the bathroom. Man, I should have been smarter to use a different excuse! But hell, I had no time and it really ain’t easy having two dates in the same vicinity and at the same time.

A few hours later and much shuttling to and fro…

I can’t believe what I did. For the past two hours, all I’ve been doing is simply running from Coastes to Trapizza and vice versa in between bites of the great food. By the time it was sunset, I’ve decided that I had enough. I was going to call it quits. Jermaine was having some Salto Trapizza salad when I sneaked up behind him. His crunchy juicy salad had chicken, orange, cucumber, lettuce and grapefruit in it. I stole a bite or two and then I told him I had some strange cramps that made me fart quite a far bit and bid him farewell. I told Jerome the same thing and well, I think I took off before he could say anything. As for me, well, I ran all the way home. Or maybe I didn’t.

– Coastes #01-05/06 50 Siloso Beach Walk, +65 6274-9668
– Trapizza 10 Siloso Beach Walk, +65 6376-2662

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