But you know what? I honestly think that’s total bull. Look at it this way – you see a man, in a pair of khakis with his hair looking like he’d just got out of bed. Now, do you think he’s a cutie or just plain unkempt? I’ll leave you to answer that by yourself. As for me, it’s the second impression that makes or breaks the entire situation. In case you were wondering what I’m up to… ahem… well something typically unusual as always. It’s really just about the surprises in life that catch me off guard; a surprise like Joseph.

Before you start labeling me a hopeless woman desperate for love, let me have you know that I struck gold at the library that day. Ah huh, hard to believe but yes, I had my eye on this Deepak Chopra book that looked rather interesting but as I laid my hands on it, this bookish looking guy behind me gave a rather surprising yelp. I turned around and saw this lengthy chap with funky yellow framed spectacles. Before I knew what was happening, he started telling me his name and this amazing Harley that he owned. At that, I excused myself and started calling Cecilia, yes my beloved partner-in-crime when it comes to dating losers.

Only one thought ran through my mind, and I simply spat it out “Holy smokes, this guy is nuts – is he that desperate to have to cook up a story that involves a Harley? Have some originality for god’s sake!” Dear Cecilia asked me to calm down and began this long tirade about how weird people might not be too bad. “Be adventurous!” she said. With that, she hung up because she was in the middle of something; well that’s what she told me.

In any case, I went back to look for Joseph (yep, that’s his name all right, kinda nerdy huh?) and we started chatting. I discovered he wasn’t so bad after all. In fact, we clicked so well that I forgot the time and before I knew it, it was six in the evening. I could hear my tummy rumbling in protest. I think Joe (yes, my new name for him) must have heard it too because he suddenly offered to take me to dinner. He said he knew this fantastic roadhouse that I would love.

Blooie’s Roadhouse Bar & GrillI hadn’t a clue what a roadhouse was but decided not to ask, lest I sound stupid. I felt like a biker chick as he drove me to the roadhouse. It was rather out of the way and I had my doubts. Who knows, Joe could be a psycho! But I decided to trust my instincts and boy was I glad I did, because when we got there, I was speechless, literally.

The space was spacious and there was this huge sign which said Blooie’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill with an adorable logo of a basset hound wearing a black bandana. How cute. But, oh my, the interior was even cuter. The entire place had a rustic feel to it. The ceiling was painted a rusty red and the wood furniture added to the cosiness of the place. The semi-spherical rattan lamps reflected lovely shadows on the ceiling and provided a warm glow.

Since it was my first time here, I allowed Joe to place the orders. While we were waiting for our food, I noticed that at the other side of the place were a bar and a pool table and even a stage for live performances. I could use some booze later on. But first, time to satisfy my hunger pangs. The food arrived hot and fresh and smelt so heavenly that I immediately tucked in. Joe had ordered some stuffed Jalapeno peppers, blackened dory and black pepper chicken.

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Being a fish lover, I gladly took the dory and I got to tell you – just one bite and I was hooked. It tasted just like home cooked food and the portion was rather generous. I could taste the Cajun spices they used to marinate the fishy. It came with mash potatoes like no other. It had an orange tinge. The waiter explained that pumpkins were mixed together with the potatoes. In any case, it tasted good, so I had no complaints.

While I was busy with my fish, Joe was having good times with his black pepper chicken. I looked at him interestingly and he gave me this geeky grin and winked his eye. He then gave me a piece to try. I think it was covered with this mushroom sauce that complimented the meat well. Not only was it tender and juicy, it was packed with flavour. Amazing stuff I tell you. All went well until, well, until Joe started munching on those jalapenos he ordered. Maybe he didn’t understand the meaning of peppers or so.

Because as soon as he bit into one, I could see his entire face turn red. Before I knew it, he was choking and giving that yelp. Yes that same yelp he gave me in the library.

I didn’t know what to do except to order something cold and I actually ordered a chocolate brownie with ice cream. Now, don’t go laughing at me. I was simply satisfying my dessert craving and helping Joe out as well. I mean, come on, we all know ice cream’s cold and I figured it would help douse the fire in his mouth. So that’s actually killing two birds with one stone.

The ice cream did help and thankfully Joe was all right in no time. I could see the gratitude in his eyes, those forlorn eyes.

They started to look pleadingly annoying to me so I decided to distract myself by eating the brownie. Good move. The moist brownie almost sent me on a flight straight to heaven. The fudge on the top melted gently in my mouth and the walnuts made it all the more enticing. It was a perfectly cool ending to a ‘hot’ date; yes literally.

– Blooie’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill, 21 Science Park Road, #01-01, The Aquarius, +65 6775-0446

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