Daisy Blaze

Yes, there’s just something about them that’s so intriguing! Especially Mr. Katogachi, this Japanese gentleman I met while taking a Japanese cultural course. I’m glad Cecilia dragged me along for that class. Well I could say she had other intentions as well; like duh!

Apparently, she claims that the Japanese are the kinkiest when it comes to pleasing the lady. I’ve yet to find that out though.

Anyway back to Mr. Katogachi; my gosh, is he hot hot hot. He somewhat reminds me of Sorimachi Takashi, the actor of Beach Boys fame. For the uninitiated, Beach Boys is a Japanese television series that featured some of the hottest Jap lads I ever laid eyes on. Drools… Oh and by the way, Katogachi is pure Japanese and he’s been living here for about half a year. I call him Toga for short (much less of a tongue twister than Katogachi), and well, he didn’t protest, so I shall keep it at that.

Just a couple of nights ago, Toga brought me to this amazing Japanese sushi place called Sushi Tei. It’s one of those high end sushi places that look chic and classy at the same time – well it’s located at Paragon anyways, so of course it has to look good. Not only does the place look good, the food tastes just as good.

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All I did was just stare at him and drool. Gosh, I couldn’t believe my luck. I was actually quite starved, and was glad the food came fast.

But either way, nothing can top the ‘dish’ of the day; Toga.

I’ve not really tried Japanese food before so Toga took the liberty of ordering the food. We had some tender salmon sashimi which I must say was an interesting experience. I’ve not eaten raw fish before but I guess the salmon was pretty fresh and it tasted great with the shoyu (soya sauce). The unagi (eel) was fantastic. I thought Toga was kidding when he said it was eel. I mean, come on, who would dare put that ugly slippery thing into their mouths? But boy was I wrong. It tasted good and I couldn’t stop eating it.

All was going well actually, until the chicken karage. No, don’t get me wrong, the karage was excellent, but it was what happened next that had my heart pounding as fast as you can say sushi. Okay, I was using chopsticks for the first time, happily trying to impress Toga when suddenly, the chicken flew out of the grasp and into the guy at the next table’s face.

Yes, I was embarrassed but oh boy, the moment I saw the ‘victim’s’ face, time just stopped. In front of me, stood a very surprised hunk who looked so suave that I just felt like ice cream on a hot sunny day. To hell with Toga, I thought. I think I’m done with sushi. I feigned dizziness and told Toga to go get some panadol from the nearby pharmacy.