Did I write that? OK, I AM a little STRESSED! It’s called the Vars/Todd situation. Yes, their names say it all… not a coincidence. What did I feel like? Who did I feel like? Hmmm. To make my evening complete I chose to have a hearty meal and strong hands, and then later, political conversation while sipping vodka and tonics at Timbre II. Heated conversation and intellectual arguments always makes my blood boil.

You see, Vars (Italian father wanted Vincent and Danish mother wanted Lars… brilliant!) is a green-eyed Claim Courts Judge who was passing through Singapore when we bumped into each other at Timbre on Empress Lane near to the Asian Civilisations Museum last Friday. We had to see each other again at this same groovy spot!

Todd is a passionate and spicy dish who speaks with his hands. He seems dumber than a box of rocks but he is very sweet on the eyes and great in healthy, sweaty doses. Yes, I will join him for dinner this evening at Bonta Italian Restaurant. Come on, admit it single bunnies: there are certain men that fill a niche in our hectic and emotional lives. Todd is one of them. He is not here on this earth to tickle my brain… did I write, “tickle”? More on that later.

I showed up 23 minutes late (I forgot my raisins!) in my favourite “I know you’ll forgive me” outfit. Works every time bunnies. A little couture and a little vintage to caress my smooth bunny skin.

Todd leaned in to give me a big wet kiss but I reciprocated with my rosy cheek. Dinner was great and the wine was delicious, but only one man would be kissing me tonight! Remember not to give it all away bunnies!

What a restaurant! Headed by Chef-partner Luca Pezzera, a 37-year-old native of Bergamo, this split level loft has large, glass windows; all the more perfect for the public to see me while sitting with Todd in this sexy restaurant. Pastel walls surrounded us while interesting electric blue light fixtures provided a surreal atmosphere. Remember, bunnies, the three ‘L’s’: lighting, lighting and lighting!

A fabulous Italian waiter approached the table with a smile and two menus. I chose a bottle of Pinot Noir that I had never tried and two glasses of champagne. Todd ordered a Corona (sexy growl to self: what a man’s man.) When the champagne arrived, I told Todd to close his eyes while I put a raisin in each glass. I told him to open his eyes and sure enough, the raisins were going crazy in the glasses. Todd pulled me into him, “Bouncing up and down – this is what makes you smile, huh?” We both giggled and he told me that he loved my playful suggestion. We’ll see big daddy.

Look at these prices! The food better be edible I thought as I glanced over at Todd, looking smug as hell. I decided to pick the Lobster Tartare, which comes stuffed with with Sicilian Olives, Capers, Wild Rocket Lettuce and a delicious Tomato Salsa; dessert was waiting at Timbre.

Todd ordered the deep-fried squid with tartar sauce, sided by lemon wedges (I strongly suggested it) and the Roasted Mediterranean Seabass Fillet, served with Sautéed Garlic Spinach, Crispy Pesto Risotto and Saffron Emulsion. Perfect for this drizzly evening. The place had a house/ambient pulse. Perfect beats for me to get my groove on. Warm freshly baked rolls arrived to the table and I was pleased by it’s heat. Nice touch!