At least I’m honest enough to write this column in the first place. How many people in Singapore would air their ‘dirty’ laundry and expose their romances in public? You’ve got to admit that as much as the locals claim that they are liberal, none are quite fond of blatant publicity, especially bad publicity. Ya, I haven’t gotten famous yet. But it’s okay. I’d rather keep it this way. I like hiding behind a pen, or in this case, a laptop.

Anyways, back to my love life. I promise to be honest with my readers and I will keep to it. Indeed, I’ve found a permanent fixture in my life. After many bad and just oh-so-weird dates, I thought I’ve seen it all… until I met him. I won’t reveal his name because I believe he would also like to have a cloak of anonymity. Therefore, he shall be referred to as J.

Now, here’s the thing about J – he’s local. Quit widening your eyes won’t you? I know I used to be so judgmental about the local boys but hey at least now I’m a convert eh? Contrary to popular belief, I’m not an easy target and I demand a certain level of intellect from guys who want to be my partner-in-crime.

Okay, okay, I sense some boredom already. I believe you people are dying to know where I met him. There are many guys I’ve met once and wouldn’t dream of even bumping into a second time, but whoa, J was different. Here goes my story, and just FYI, yes it includes food as usual:

Imagine myself almost blind, having lost the left side of my contact lens. Got that image? Try to picture me rummaging through my bag, trying to look for my spectacles. And guess what? Of all days, I had to forget to bring out my other pair of ‘eyes’. Just great. I was already at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to take me to town for my Pilates session and now, thanks to myopia and a lost lens, and my forgetfulness, I was now as blind as a bat, squinting as hard as possible, trying to figure out the bus numbers.

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All of a sudden, I felt someone tap me on my shoulders. I turned around and saw a human stare back at me. Right, a male mammal. Pardon me but when I’m blind, everyone looks the same! Anyhow, he – who-tapped-my-shoulder happen to smell darn good and his hair looked cute. Oh well, what the heck, he looked like a blur to be honest, and I think he could see that.

He figured that I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere in my helpless myopic state so he took the initiative and brought me to the nearest optical shop. Okay, his optical shop. He’s an optician. What are the odds of me bumping into an optician at the bus stop on the day I lost my lens and forgot to bring my specs? One in a million. And yet, I still had such luck. God must be kind to me.

Va Va Voom Cafe

Instead of boring you with the details, I’ll just fast forward and go on to the next part. Yep, the part where I step out of the optical shop with a brand new pair of glasses (apparently they have an express service, wow) when he called out to me and asked me if I would spare some time to have a meal with him. Heh, could I say no?

So a couple of minutes later, I was in his car and within minutes we were outside of this Vietnamese cafe. J insisted that the food here was good and well, he liked the name of the place. He said I exemplified it. Haha, okay usually I would go, ‘Lame!’ but surprisingly, I was quite tickled. Yes, Va Va Voom was the name of the cafe and he said it pretty much was describing me. I won’t justify his compliments with any narcissistic comments so I’ll go ahead and tell you about the food.

I had the spicy beef noodle soup while J had the fried beancurd noodle. I couldn’t decide what to drink so he took the liberty of ordering me a cup of Vietnamese cinnamon coffee, saying that it will change the way I look at coffee. Indeed, it did! There’s just something about the coffee that made me think that it had Bailey’s in it. I think it’s the depth of the beans that does the trick and cinnamon. I love cinnamon! Anyway our noodles tasted great.

Well, I did like mine. The soup was light and clear and I love the fresh taste that was enhanced by the amount of vegetables used. The bean sprouts added to the crunch factor, and the onions made it fragrant. Plus, it was spicy enough for me without being to over the top. Yum. The portion was just enough. As for J’s noodle. It was a dry dish served with fried beancurd on top and it came with a bowl of sauce. I was too full to try his but well he said his was delicious so I’ll take his word for it. Besides, it isn’t his first time eating it.

I know this encounter doesn’t say much about J. Hey, you cannot expect me to write out the entire story in one column ya? This is just chapter one where I introduce you to J and tell you how I met him. The rest, I’ll reveal to you in due time. So, be patient!

– Va Va Voom Cafe: The Vietnamese Concept, 36 Seah Street, Tel: 6336-3360 Open from 11:30am – 10pm daily.

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