Daisy Blaze

Hey, I could be the Mother Theresa of Singapore. It’s highly possible okay! Don’t you snigger… I have a kind heart. Heh, but who am I kidding. I cannot do without eye candy. Oh well, what should I do then? I’ll figure out a way somehow, I know.

Oh, that reminds me, I had a rather enjoyable time last week with an old friend. Hmmm… he’s actually from the same Sunday school as I was, years back. Yes, I go to church, don’t be shocked. Anyway, this friend of mine has always been there for me, but the weird thing is, I’ve never found him boyfriend material – probably because he’s too good to be true? You know what they say, how women tend to be attracted to bad boys. No wonder I’ve been having bad experiences with the opposite sex. Hmph.

Well, back to this friend – let’s call him Fabian. I want to keep his identity a secret. You’ll understand why later. Fabian and I, we go back a long way. My mum knows his mum and they were actually yoga partners. It is interesting how Fabian and I get along despite our clash in personalities.

He’s patient and mild while I tend to be more wild and loud at times. Okay, let me get to the point all right? It all started when I met up with dear Fabian for dinner on Christmas day. I thought it was just going to be a normal chill out session as usual but hey, guess what? He gave me a huge bouquet of flowers and told me that we were going to his place instead – he wanted to cook me dinner.

What did you think I did? I freaked out of course. I know, I know, I shouldn’t have been so mean… but I didn’t know how to react. Fab was like a brother to me all this while and I can’t brush this off as accidental. I just told him I wasn’t keen on going to his place because he stayed too far (that was the truth anyway!), I could see the disappointment in his eyes and so I hurriedly tried to remedy the situation and suggested we chill out at some cafe with live music. He seemed to like the idea although I know how disappointed he must have been. But hey, I can’t just lead him on by agreeing to go back to his place, can I?

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So we went looking for a coffee place and came across this spacious outfit called the Gashaus. I think it’s a new establishment. Whatever it is, it certainly looked über cool and old school. There was live music and we both got sofa seats and ordered some made-to-order (yes, customised and all – you get to choose whatever meat, dressing or bread you want) ham and chicken sandwiches. I don’t know what happened next but Fabian started to move closer to me, but thank god the waiter soon came with our sandwiches and I started to bite into mine hurriedly. The sandwiches were delicious by the way.

The Gashaus

There was loads of ham and I liked the cheese used – it wasn’t your run-of-the-mill processed cheese. I could see that it was some kind of gourmet cheese. Whatever it is, it was yummy. I ate some of Fabian’s chicken sandwich and likewise, it was enjoyable. The good part was that they served the sandwiches with potato wedges, my favourite! After we were done with our sandwiches, I went to order us two cups of coffee – a caffe tortuga and a GasHaus Cappuccino. Gosh, I didn’t expect the coffee to taste this good. Caffe tortuga’s actually espresso with both chocolate, caramel and steamed milk topped with whipped cream. Ya ya, sinful I know, but what the heck!

The cappuccino’s a house specialty and comes in a large mug, with coconut, almond and chocolate flavours. The blend was a treat for my taste buds. I think I was trying to direct my attention on the food all this while that I didn’t notice Fabian looking so downcast. Man, oh man, what should I do? I soon diverted my attention to the live band playing. I have no idea what happened next but Fabian soon got up and said he had to leave right now.

What could I do? I quickly finished my coffee and followed him out of the place. He flagged me a cab and waved goodbye – all this took place without a word from him. Was I upset? You bet. It’s the first time I’ve felt that down and out, and to think that I was supposed to be the b-i-t-c-h? Anyway I’ll continue the story another time…

– NOTE: Gashaus is now a music website only www.gashaus.com

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