Daisy Blaze

It seemed only yesterday that I found myself on the pages of this magazine, letting each one of you in on my dining escapades. I guess Jeffree, the publisher of this magazine, saw a certain potential in me that no one else saw. He took a chance; gave me this monthly column of sorts to hone my writing skills and allow me to talk about my most two favourite subjects: men and food. It’s been great fun, ya know, reflecting on my various dates-from-hell and the nicer dining companions I’ve had.

I do believe that food tells a lot about someone – where they choose to dine, the way they hold their chopsticks, and even how they slurp their soups. I’ve certainly had the pleasure of dining with men and my gal pals alike but you know what? I still prefer dining with the opposite sex.

Nah, it’s not because they’ll most likely foot the bill – that’s not it. It’s the conversation, honey. You heard right. When I’m with my female friends, all they ever talk about is shopping, fashion and how they chipped their nails while dialing for a pizza. I mean how lame can they get? That’s borderline bimbo-behaviour I must say.

Okay, please don’t hate me because I said that. I know some of you think you know me and might even find me too airy, but hey, to each his own I say. I’m just happy with myself and that’s all that matters.

Speaking of matters, I have to tell you about Rob, my childhood friend from way back. He just came back from the States where he was studying for 6 years and boy was I glad to see him. Psst… here’s a little secret, I used to have a major crush on him simply because he wore glasses. Ahem, so now you know, I do have a thing for guys who wear glasses. Well they should be able to carry it well of course. And Rob did look so suave in any pair of glasses. He’s one cutie. Anyway, he called me up and told me he wanted to have dinner with me. I agreed of course. I was to meet him at Orchard MRT.

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That fine day…

I was relatively curious as to where he was going to bring me, but hey, that didn’t matter as much as the fact that I was going to finally see him after 6 whole years! I’m sure he’s as handsome as ever. Was I right then? Hell ya, he was as tall as ever and yes he did sport a cool pair of glasses. Now that I have my eye candy, I needed to appease my hungry tummy and we started heading towards Wisma Atria. I thought he was going to bring me to a restaurant but we ended up walking past restaurant after restaurant and finally reached the fourth floor where lo and behold, there stood his food venue of choice: Food Republic.

My, the place was amazing! I mean, yes it was a food court but it certainly didn’t look like one. It seemed like a cheaper and eastern version of Marche. How could I not have been to this place I thought. Apparently Food Republic had just opened and Rob heard about it from his mum and decided to check it out, knowing that I would probably like it.

Did I like it? Oh no, I love it! The entire place was decorated with things of old. There was a 70’s theme to the place and they were playing oldies too. How cool is that? There were various old school items like an old television set, and even the stalls were modeled to look like street side hawkers of some sort.

Chicken murtabak at Food Republic

I was famished and Rob started queuing up for the food. Before long, he was back, with a plate of fragrant Hokkien Mee, Chicken Murtabak, some Dim Sum and two Teh Halia (Ginger Tea). The hokkien mee was the highlight; I’ve never eaten hokkien mee this good. It seemed that the owners have been cooking it for years. The stall’s called Thye Hong and they serve their noodles on banana leaf. The prawns were juicy and the noodles didn’t stick together – perfect. There was a certain flavour to it that screamed ‘authentic’.

The murtabak was as delicious. Rob asked for less oil so this one was crispier and healthier of course. They were really generous with their chicken portion. For Dim Sum, we had siew mai, har gau (prawn dumpling), and some vegetable dumpling. You know what? There were dim sum ladies pushing around their dim sum carts all over the food court. Isn’t that great?

Kind of like being in a dim sum restaurant actually. Anyway there were so much food at Food Republic that I know I have to come back again soon. Rob expressed the same sentiments and also asked me to recommend him other places to dine. Well well, a perfect opportunity for me to feast on more eye candy for sure. Ain’t I looking forward to more makan-time with dear ol’ Rob.

– Food Republic, Level 4, Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road.

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