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Indeed, I do suppose that there’s a little German vibe in me that tells me Hitler was so wrong in doing what he did. But you know what? Despite his atrocities, I still find his little patch of a moustache kind of cute. No, I do not have a fetish for facial hair, it’s just that I like men who are creative enough to manipulate their features to their benefits.

All right, back to my German banter. If you’re wondering what’s up with me and Germany, then you got to get in on the action at Oktoberfest which is coming up really soon. I know I’m going to be there. The best part is that I won’t be going alone.

Curious about who I’m going with? Well let’s just say I met this really amazing German lad at this ‘learn more about Germany’ event held at library@Orchard.

It was an interesting exhibition, with plenty of German books on display and ahem, cute German dudes as well. Apparently there was a free 10-mintute German language course that vistors could take part in and of course I went – hey I do like foreign languages, I do!

Okay, okay, I admit it. The guy giving the course was a drool-worthy German, thus my eagerness in learning how to say ‘hello’ in German. Anyway, we hit it off after I learned how to say ‘Guten Tag’. Soon, we were chatting about our favourite beer and naturally Erdinger came into the picture.

It is after all the most popular wheat beer in the world and it’s brewed only in Erding. My new German friend; his name is Lukas, then went on to tell me how fine Erdinger was, and that it was made from the best wheat, barley malt, hops and crystal clear water from Erdinger’s own wells. They supposedly ferment the beer in the bottle itself. Interesting eh?

Erdinger Oktoberfest Pack

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All that talk about Erdinger just made us both thirsty and we headed down to the nearest supermarket to grab some. Boy, were we delighted to find special Erdinger Oktoberfest Packs for sale.

One pack includes two bottles of Erdinger White, an Erdinger Dark, a special Erdinger Oktoberfest brew and an Erdinger Oktoberfest mug and coasters.

The entire pack costs about $26.80. How cool is that? This beer is only available once a year during Oktoberfest, so we had to get that amazing pack which is available only till the end of October. Lukas was getting hungry and both of us decided to get some Bratwurst from the supermarket to get into the entire Oktoberfest mood.

We were sitting now, eating our bratwursts when Lukas suddenly asks me if I wouldn’t mind going to the Erdinger Oktoberfest with him. It’s a three day festive celebration to be held at China Square Central from 21 to 23 October. He then went on to entice me with the German music, delicious German food and more German wheat beer that was going to be the highlight of the festival. It sounded so good that I agreed. There wasn’t any reason for me not to, anyway; this is a cute German guy I’m dealing with here!

I also heard that a German band called Huttenpower would be touring around various bars from 19 to 30 October, to showcase their music and give a German feel to the nightlife during this Oktoberfest celebration by Erdinger. Geez, that just makes me want to go out drinking every night!

Lukas, Lukas, Lukas, sigh, this guy is such a bad influence! When we talk, it’s all about Oktoberfest and Erdinger. I was quite tempted to kiss him, just to make him shut up and erm, heh it helped that he was cute. Yes it’s the umpteen time I’ve raved about him. Sorry, can’t help it. Oh well, at least he’s going to be accompanying me to the Oktoberfest. I really can’t wait! Maybe after the celebrations are over, and if he still talks about wheat beer, I might just introduce him to Jessica, my alcoholic shopping mate. We’ll see, we’ll see.

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