Daisy Blaze

To my dear faithful readers, I have some good news. I finally got my driver’s license. After more than five tries! To think I was almost going to give up. I guess this time, luck was at my side. Or it could be that I’m simply too charming. Now, now, let’s not talk about who’s getting cocky here shall we?

After all, I have to be proud of what I have. And I do have more than looks mind you. I’ve got the intellectual worth that’s needed to persuade and sweep guys off their feet. Besides, what’s the use of having so much grey mass when you don’t even use it? Don’t you agree?

Before you start getting confused with what I’m trying to say, let me put it straight; us girls love attention, but man oh man, you have to admit that guys love the limelight even more! I should know, because I managed to charm the socks outta my beloved driving instructor Dean and guess what, I’m still seeing him.

Things look promising so far. But it all really began when I gave him my sweetest smile when I slipped up and hit the curb while sitting for my driving test. That really got to Dean I guess – he did admit later on that he’s very much a teeth person… anyone who possesses a set of sparkling pearlies (like me) is bound to capture his heart. Don’t ask me to explain (maybe it’s just a weird fetish) that, you should go ask him yourself.

About my slip-up, I thought I was going to fail my test but before I could even open my mouth to beg him for another chance, Dean started telling me how everyone makes mistakes and he will close an eye and forget that I ever hit the curb and would pass me, only if I go on a date with him. I know I should have seen it coming. But what he said next, really touched me.

He told me that my radiant smile made him feel at ease and he had noticed me from afar for months now. Apparently he didn’t think I’d ever go out with him. Well he had the notion that I only dated white guys (which is utter bullshit). I mean, hey, I might have dated Caucasians, Eurasians and Polynesians before, but that doesn’t mean I’m an SPG (Sarong Party Girl). I have no particular preference.

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I think Dean must have seen me with my many UK friends somewhere. Well, I lived in London for a couple of years before moving back here, so that’s why. So after I made it clear to Dean that I wouldn’t mind dating someone non-white, he seemed to be perkier than ever. He asked me out for dinner that night, and I said yes, after all, I did owe him that much for passing me when I made a ‘minor’ boo-boo.

He picked me up from my place at 7 and we headed down to Boat Quay to get some Mediterranean grub. He said it was a cool eating place situated beside a bar. I could always use a good cocktail I suppose, so I agreed. The place turned out to be Dharma’s Kebabs, this really cosy nook that looks rather modern.

I was actually expecting something traditionally Mediterranean but of course that didn’t matter because the food tasted good. Dean recommended the chicken tikka and shish-kebab. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted, so we both decided to share. It was a good idea because both tasted great.

The shish-kebabs looked rather interesting. It’s actually lamb but in a tube-like form. I guessed they minced it and reshaped it? They were very red but yummy too. Not as tender as real lamb, but a tasty treat. I loved the chicken tikka and thought that the curry and mint sauce they served was a good idea. The sauce brought out the flavours of the meat and I kept dipping the accompanying flat bread into the sauce.

The flat breads came with the two dishes and one was stuffed with potato while the other was cooked with garlic. These breads had a very fluffy texture that was easy to tear up and nibble. Definitely one of the better flat breads I’ve tasted.

Food aside, I was surprised that I actually enjoyed myself throughout the entire evening. Turns out that Dean was quite the perfect gentleman. He never failed to remind the waiter to fill my glass when it was empty and even helped me with the chair when I wanted to get up to go to the ladies. I was quite astounded because no guy had ever paid so much attention to me and actually looked like they were sincere and really meant it. My past dates have been rather disappointing and most ended with me taking off. But Dean, well Dean’s really something. Let’s just hope it stays that way, ya?

– Dharma’s Kebabs, 40 Boat Quay, Tel: +65 6534 5100

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