Daisy Blaze

I like going on dates. I’m sure you don’t even have to ask why. The answer is obvious – I’m a lady and I like to be pampered. It might sound shallow to you but I really do like being chased after. It’s nice to know that someone cares for you and wouldn’t mind, ahem, paying for your dinner at a swanky restaurant.

Right, I can hear you protesting but hear me out, as a person of the fairer sex, I have to submit myself to discomfort every month when a certain body part purges something red, and I would have to suffer if I should ever decide to have a little hungry bunny of my own. So now you understand where I’m coming from?

Guys have it easy. So what they have to go to National Service. Come on, it’s only two years of your life. So I do think that it’s only right that we women enjoy ourselves during courtship. Look, I’m not some gold digger ready to pounce on any rich old man who comes may way. I just like to know that I’m worth the chase. I do like a generous man, because then I know I’ll never have to starve.

Generosity goes a long way, me thinks. But some people just don’t get it. I just had a weird encounter a few weeks back. I was at the Singapore Art Museum down town, checking out some visuals for my own pleasure when a certain someone suddenly stood next to me, eyeing the same portrait I was engrossed in, and didn’t budge. Not until I turned to him and gave him the eye. You would think he was intimidated, because I do have strong eyes. But what he did next was rather amusing.

First he gave me a smile, a little bow and offered his hand to introduce himself. Turns out he was an art teacher at one of the better known art schools here and was rather intrigued with seeing a ‘gorgeous lady’ (his words, not mine) all alone in an art museum by herself. I wanted to give him a piece of my mind but thought otherwise when he asked me to join him for dinner.

Besides, he was kind of cute, in an artsy sort of way. Very bohemian. I like guys like that. Who knows how creative they can get? And no, I’m not just referring to the bedroom, in case you were wondering! Anyhow, Mr. Artsy Fartsy seemed very eager to dine with me so we headed straight for dinner after checking out the rest of the art work at the museum. He brought me to a near-by restaurant that was quite well known for its Japanese curry. The place was called Curry Favor and I couldn’t help but laugh silently at the irony of it. Look at it this way, Mr Artsy Fartsy was trying to ‘curry favor’ me and brought me to such a restaurant by the said name.

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The place was rather cosy and the ambience, simple yet chic, so I won’t complain much. The food was good too. I had the Katsu Ebi Fry Curry and I loved the way they served the curry. It came in this lovely metal lamp-like holder that you use to pour your curry with. I asked for my curry to be spicier than usual but the lovely thing is that it still had its tinge of sweetness.

Sweet and spicy curry, who could ask for anything better than that? The ebi (prawn) was huge and very succulent. I dipped it into the curry and munched on it slowly. I have to give Mr. Artsy Fartsy some credit for bringing me here. Seems like he does have good taste in not just art but food too.

My dining companion had the Ika Fry Curry and well he seemed to be really enjoying it. I tried some of his fried ika (squid) and I did like how crunchy it was. Delicious. After our curry, I still felt hungry (duh, I am a hungry bunny remember) so I ordered some cuttlefish rolls with cheese. Boy did I make a right choice because when they served it, I could already see the hot cheese oozing out of the rolls.

I put one in my mouth and was speechless. I’ve never tasted a combination of cuttlefish and cheese this good. It was definitely very satisfying and cheesy but I like it this way. The warm cheese was chewy and complemented the tender cuttlefish rather well. Mr. Artsy Fartsy didn’t really like it so I had most of it.

I got to say, this is by far one of the better Japanese curries I’ve tasted and well Mr. Artsy Fartsy did end up in my good books after all. At least until the bill came. Let me ask you an honest question, if you’re a guy and you asked a lady out with an intention to impress her, would you go dutch or would you be a gentleman and pay for her meal? I hope your answer is justifiable because Mr. Artsy Fartsy sure did disappoint in the end.

The moment the bill came, he whipped out his handphone, and started looking for the calculator function. I almost fainted. I mean, hey, even if you wanted us to split the bill, do it more discretely for goodness sakes! I won’t judge him and call him a miser, but this was just too much for me to take. I tried to maintain my polite smile and took out some money and passed it to him.

“Thanks for being so understanding, I just lost my wallet today. I hope I didn’t offend you in any way?”, he said.

I wasn’t in the mood for any excuses so I simply smiled and gave him a “not a problem at all” that was dripping with sarcasm. Then I mumbled something about going to the rest room and was out of there in a split second. Curry or no curry, I was definitely in a hurry.

– Curry Favor, 39 Stamford Road, #01-08/09, Tel: +65 6883-1087

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