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Now this darling of the New York art scene has her arts exhibited in the trendiest galleries… and she’s usually the star of her iconic paintings.

Su-en Wong’s works portray semi-identical versions of herself in her flawlessly composed paintings and graphite drawings, often depicting herself in suggestive wear or no clothing at all over warm-hued, monochromatic fields of acrylic paint.

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With images of her pre-adolescent self, she explores what she describes as “the ambiguous nature of the transition between childhood and adulthood” and her own experiences of breaking away from obscurity and western stereotypes of Asian girls being objects to satisfy erotic desires.

She says: “My drawings render a very private and deeply personal paradise, and provide a haven in which to explore the conflicting contexts (and very precious couplings) of power and vulnerability, of fear and desire, of assimilation and individuality, drive and repression, fantasy and reality, predators and prey, public persona and the private being, and of good and evil.”


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