When it comes to beauty, nothing beats mother nature and her knack for glamour and style.

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The venerable pearl has long been treasured by fashionistas and what is a pearl if you don’t have nice accessories to go with them?

That’s where Splurge comes in, where only the finest pearls are turned into wearable art, their in-house designers can create for you breathtaking works of art, whether you’re splurging on yourself or looking for the perfect gift for someone you love.

They also have a divine range of premium handmade leather shoes from Codina which are simply to die for.

Unlike most shops which focus on the retail experience, Splurge offers a more personalised approach, you’ll literally feel like you’re walking into your own private boutique.

Splurge is located Mandarin Gallery of the Meritus Mandarin Hotel, 333 Orchard Rd #03-43, +65 6333 6820

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