spinelli's Mango Fruitti TwistSpinelli Coffee has introduced its very own concocted drink – the Infused Mango Fruitti Twist.

Made with tea infusion, mango puree and juice blended with ice, this refreshing drink is a pure delight for a day of protesting in the tropical sun..

Rebekah Woo, Marketing Communications Manager of Spinelli Coffee Company told us, “We hope the delegates can have a chance to taste our tropical fruits during their visit in Singapore. Mango, being a popular fruit here, is the perfect choice for the drink and we are confident that Singaporeans will enjoy it too.”

The Infused Mango Fruitti Twist were introduced at all Spinelli Coffee during the World Bank/IMF meeting.

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At just $5.50 for a good sized drink, you can bet it’s a real deal that won’t break the bank! But what about world hunger you ask?

No worries, they have a fantastic lunch menu which changes every month, so do visit the stores to take a look at their menu, featuring great sandwiches (my favourite is the Chicken Club Sandwich featuring grilled Chicken and fresh greens or the Falafel Wrap with Tahini Vinaigrette, it’s healthy and vegetarian.)

They also have a great range of sandwiches, like chicken, pasta, potato, rice or vegetable, and are meals in themselves. Last time I was there, they had a great mix and match offer, but if you can’t decide, try the Tomato & Feta Cheese Salad with fresh oregano and olive oil. They also have a different soup every day!

– 18 locations in singapore: www.spinellicoffee.com

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