Skin Food

Skin Food

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No doubt, that’s the gospel truth even I swear by. But you know what? I think it’s even better to smear some of what we eat onto ourselves. I kid you not. It really does pay to smother rice and even honey onto your face. Ask the good people at Skin Food if you don’t believe me. This quaint little boutique has opened an outlet on our sunny shores and promises to pamper us with a complete range of Skin, Body, Hair and Makeup products based entirely on food based ingredients.

I had the privilege of trying out their Green Tea body cream and Rice mask. The body cream had a pleasant scent and I could feel the moisturising effect after using it. It certainly lacks that synthetic feel that I’ve gotten from so many other creams.

The rice mask is one of the bestsellers and I know know why. It contains actually rice grains that you can actually feel and see. After using it, my skin felt very refreshed and smooth, with a brighter complexion. Skin Food is that amazing. Not surprising then, when you find out that it’s founded by J. M Cho, who has been in the women’s beauty and skin care business since 1957. Originating from Korea, Skin Food sets to convert us with a whole slew of ingredients that includes red ginseng, chilli, banana, watermelon, herb salad, bean, milk and even royal jelly. Mind you, they actually use real extracts of these ingredients and the main draw is their reasonable prices. Everything is under $25.

Check out their website at to find out more. Or visit their outlet at Marina Square, #01-220.

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