Singapore Arts Festival

Life without art would be rather dreary indeed. Who knows what we’d have to do to entertain ourselves? I wouldn’t worry if I were you. Entertainment is never lacking here on his sunny island, more so since the annual Singapore Arts Festival is back.

This time, there will be triple the fun, excitement and you won’t even have time to get bored. There are plenty of performances lined up for the public and even children can have their fair share of fun. With a myriad of performances that range from the traditional to the contemporary, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Plenty of artistes from the UK, China, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Malaysia would be tickling your senses with some amazing showcases.

The popular out reach programme, Arts On The Move is also back to entice every one of you with their interactive acts and props such as giant puppets. Expect to be duly entertained with performances that range from the totally wacky to simply fun and lively.

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Such acts would catch you when you least expect it so don’t freak out too much – just let your hair down and have fun. There’ll also be some pleasant carnival offerings at The Esplanade where performances will take place in theatres and also, outdoors by the bay.

Our local talents are also in the act. Talented singer Wendi Koh would be belting out songs that would engage you in more ways than one. For a more ethnic experience, check out The Asian Showcase where you can catch the Singapore Indian Orchestra and the Golden Blossom Cantonese Opera Troupe. Be prepared for a cultural immersion of sorts.

You won’t be disappointed. Check out some studio glass art together with some cinematic, body and fashion derivatives at The Arts House if crafts are more your thing. But if you prefer the something more musical, check out Gumbo Jumbo by The Gogmagogs from the UK. It’s a collage of 10 delightful musical pieces put together with some fancy and inventive physical and theatre movement. It makes use of costumes, choreography and humour to entertain you.

Prefer something more old school?

Then you cannot miss Swan Lake by The Royal Ballet from the UK. This production boasts a whopping 90 dancers and is based on the timeless original tale of love that faces tragedy. Be awed by the excellent moves and grace of the dancers and soak up the classical feast with delight. For those who prefer something more theatrical, then you got to watch the Heavenly Bento.

It’s the Asian Premiere for this fascinating performance by ‘post theater new york | berlin’. Heavenly Bento is simply about how two Japanese make an impact in consumer electronics and eventually make their mark in the global economy. As you can see, there’s really something for everyone.

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