Shihlin Taiwan Street

Shihlin Taiwan Street

Chicken of the Gods

Lovers of Taiwan know, that the Shilin night market gathers snacks from all over Taiwan. Everything is here, including insightful Singaporean entrepreneurs.

Just a couple years back two young Singaporeans decided to re-create the snacks they found at the famous market, and went right to the experts for training, paying Taiwanese chefs a hefty sum and a couple of months to learn the secrets of making the tasty treats.

The three they mastered are the Oyster mee sua, XXL Crispy Chicken (my personal favourite) and Chicken Floss Egg Crepes. It’s now a booming franchise with outlets all over Singapore and Malaysia. The Oyster mee sua is my wife’s fave, and comes in a thick soup broth with easy to eat mee sua noodles.

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They have these lightly spicy tempura thingees, addictive and a great addition to the snacks. But the thing that brings me back is the XXL Chicken.

It’s huge, as the name implies, with a unique crispy crust, sprinkled with a mix of specially blended oriental spices. Delightful! For lovers of Taiwanese street snacks, you are in for a fortunate time, at Shihlin Taiwan Street.

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