The unique Arabian-inspired interior décor of Samar extends to its menu design and presentation of its cuisine.

Hanging light bulbs encased in rectangular, intricately designed see through brass lamps cast dancing shadows, giving the Arabian atmosphere full-flight…

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Samar Samar’s unique milk-blended drinks are winners, with the laban lauzah leading the pack.

Almond, milk, honey, cinnamon and cardamom are combined to create an absolutely delightful milkshake. Arabian bread with chickpea and eggplant dip were introduced to whet our appetite for the other magnificent offerings ahead. The waiter exited the kitchen with a flourish with our next dish, the mandhi.

Served on a huge plate that resembles a shield, the heap of fragrant, yellow-hued saffron rice was topped with roasted lamb and chicken. Decorated with little rose buds and presented with yogurt dips, this dish scored top marks with its lovely blend of Yemeni spices.

The fried fish with fragrant basmati rice is another winner. Deliciously tender, the fillet of fish shone when combined with the lovely rice.

The excellent meal was completed with a smooth rice and milk pudding accentuated with sweet nuggets of dates.

Samar, 60 Kandahar Street at Baghdad Street, +65 6398 0530

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