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Well, this year, Orchard Road will be one huge party as organisers hope, with Christmas celebrations beginning from the 16th, like gigs of some types at various parts of Orchard, Christmas carol singing, and a huge Christmas performance all along Orchard Road on Christmas Day itself. That’s what I’m talking about.

Prestat christmas stockingThe red and green stocking-shaped box embossed with gold swirls and festive illustrations is the creation of the renowned British artist and illustrator, Kitty Arden. Nestling in each box, you’ll find a mouthwatering selection of milk, dark, white and praline treats designed to delight the whole family.

Launched in Singapore way back in 2005, Prestat has been welcoming customers to its chocolate shop in Piccadilly, London since 1902, amongst them, royalty, nobility and stars of stage and screen: including the great literary chocolate-lover Roald Dahl who ‘adored’ Prestat truffles (making them the center-piece of his novel My Uncle Oswald).

There is certainly a magic about the beautiful red and green ‘stocking’ bursting with impossibly delicious truffles. If you pop one in your mouth and make a wish you never know what wonderful things might happen…

Available exclusively at Level 1 Raffles City or log onto www.prestat.com.sg

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