Prestat, the fine English Chocolate maker has a shop at Raffles City which is guaranteed to get you outta trouble every time you piss your loved one off. Each candy is handmade in London, and since they’re priced at $22 for 100 grams for the normal chocolates and $26 per 100 grams of truffles, you better be sure not to piss her off too often!

You can’t go wrong with Prestat babes, Mandarin, passionfruit and blackcurrant jellies coated in dark, milk, or white chocolate… Mmmmm, yes please. Or try the organic white chocolate thins infused with the delicate taste of oranges, a delightful treat for any chocolate lover. Make yourself angry just to reward yourself!

Marc de ChampagneEvery year, Prestat unveils a special Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle especially for Valentine’s Day, and it’s hard to imaging anything more seductive than this newest offering from the prestigious chocolatiers, who are famous for being the appointee to provide chocolates to Great Britain’s royal family.

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An intense dark Marc de Champagne ganache is enrobed in white chocolate infused with real strawberries, giving the truffles a beautiful natural pink colouring. Marc de Champagne is distilled after the initial stages of making Champagne, turning it into one of the smoothest brandies in the world.

Combined with Prestat’s delicious dark chocolate and then encased in the strawberry-infused white chocolate shell, the resulting delight is impossible to resist!

Presented in a ravishing pink and gold box designed by renowned artist and illustrator Kitty Arden, no other box of chocolates is so like to make your love one blush, or their heart beat so… And you can get yours at Prestat in Raffles City Shopping Centre at unit #01-39A. But hurry, something so divine is sure to go quickly!

252 North Bridge Road #01-39A Raffles City Shopping Centre Tel: +65 6883 2401

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