Prego at Raffles The Plaza is set to take you upon a epicurean journey across the Italian palette…

Prego at Raffles The PlazaPrego offers up cuisine from Sardegna – a splendid island full of age-old culinary traditions. Sardinian cooking is deeply rooted in tradition, boasting rustic flavours and made up largely of pasta and soups, white meat and pork.

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Explore Liguria, where Triglie Alla Genovese is the epitome of a unique feast that harmonises the products of the sea, the garden and the woods.

The freshest catch of red snapper fillet is drenched in an inspiring sauce made from distinct flavours of basil, garlic and the strong aroma of sharp cheeses to titillate your taste buds.

March calls for Trentino Alto Adige, a land embraced by the mountains, creating a cuisine characterised by a strong personality, such as Risotto Alle Mele, a gentle fusion of risotto, apple and pecorino cheese, pleasing the senses and the palates.

In April, the specialties of Puglia steps into the cuisine limelight as they glide through the fertility and richness of this area. Month by month they will take you across the Italian countryside on a ride of flavours sure to please every palette.

Join them as they manoeuvre Italy’s finest regions and rediscover the jewels of this amazing land!

Prego is located at level 1, Raffles The Plaza, Singapore, For reservations, please call +65 6431 6156 or email:

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