Singapore is rapidly becoming a popular expat destination for a number of reasons, not least of which is centred around its booming economic status, interesting culture and excellent food. A recent survey from HSBC confirmed Singapore as the most popular expat destination. The standard of life is good, wages reflect a healthy economy and the attitude towards family life is respected. An island culture, expats from Britain settle particularly well, due to subtle similarities and welcoming people. Expats from all corners of the globe have reported an easy transition from their home country and benefit from the excellent education system.

Which professions are the most popular for those emigrating to Singapore?

#1 Banking/ Finance

Leading the way as the most popular industry attracting expatriates to Singapore is banking and finance. Considered Asia’s financial hub, Singapore is home to branches of many international banks, such as RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) and the Bank of America, as well as many others.

#2 Self employed

Many expats feel setting up business in Singapore is well supported, due to the economic stability and entrepreneurial mindset. It is a fast growing economic powerhouse. Anyone considering this may be interested in opening a forex trading account with City Index. Consultancy and communications start-ups in particular are popular options for expatriates setting up in Singapore.

#3 Research and Development

Recent years have seen a significant surge in expats joining the R&D sector in Singapore. Having ploughed millions of dollars into the developing of a highly successful research and development industry, from everything from pharmaceutical and medical research, Singapore has invested heavily in bringing experts in from around the globe. The combined expertise of overseas researchers and developers has helped the island achieve its goals and Singapore leads the way in this sector.

#4 Healthcare

Singapore is awash with expat jobs in sectors such as biomedical sciences and healthcare. Experts from different parts of the world come to Singapore to contribute to its strong healthcare ethic and benefit from fantastic salaries, return flights, relocation packages and subsidised housing, making it a popular industry for expatriates.

#5 Education

Singapore has one of the best education systems in the world and many expats are now moving here to both contribute to, and benefit from, it. This is a sector that is on the rise, and it will be interesting to see more experts attracted to Singapore’s education sector.лобановский александр досьеопределение позиции сайта в поисковых системахismi recoil springsустановка ламинатаПавелко искусственныеночного видеокамерыwinperst скачать