Sensual Joy Lifestyle Studio

You can feel like a goddess while sculpting your body, getting good cardiovascular exercise and feeling not only fit, but elegant. An exotic new form of dance and exercise just may be the absolutely best way for you to stay fit. This is a sultry and alluring way to dance off the pounds as well as create and / or maintain muscle strength and flexibility.

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A perfect exercise that will lengthen and strengthen your muscles, put a swing in your hips, and best of all, you can really look forward to it! The latest exercise craze is called Pole Dancing.

Forget about the sexy, half naked dancing you see in movies and think of a cross between gymnastics and dancing. The SensUal Joy Lifestyle Studio was set up by Joy Leng who has years of experience in helping people dance their way to inner beauty. Pole dancing requires a lot of body strength, muscles in your arms, legs and abdomen will be working harder than they’ve worked before giving you that well toned look you’ve always been after.

If you can hold your own body weight on your arms you’ll have a great advantage but this strength will come after practice. And remember that this form of exercise is ideal for both men and women, a really great way to lose weight and tone up!

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