When you’re heading off on holiday it can often be easy to choose the clothes and accessories you will bring along with you. It can however become a little tough when it comes to packing your cosmetics.

We all need to bring along those beauty essentials to keep us looking and feeling our best. After travelling so much I have learnt some very key lessons, all of which now enable me to use up the space in my back to it’s full potential.

Sometimes you don’t want to always bring your most expensive items with you. So if you want to pick up some cosmetics before you fly away then you really need to use the great discounts with groupon. Come on, we all love a bargain that leaves us with more spending money for our holiday.

So here are three packing tips that I live by as the law when I’m going away.

Buy a make up bad that makes sense for you

This is actually more difficult that is sounds. Finding the ideal makeup bag to travel with can be tricky, but the effort to find one is well worth it. A good little tip is to buy a bag that is a tad smaller than you need because it will make sure your things are tightly packed in and won’t bounce around when travelling. It’s good if it’s see through and has lots of compartments so it’s easy to grab your cosmetics on the go.

What’s a liquid and what’s a gel?

With the new regulations being strictly adhered to you need to take extra care of how you pack. If you’re bringing liquid, gels and aerosols, then it’s always advisable to put them in your checked luggage. Remember that you can only bring liquids and gels through which are 100ml or under, you don’t want to have to leave your expensive essentials with that security guard.

Streamline that supply!

To make sure you save as much space as possible I always pack in as many multi purpose products as I can, don’t be afraid to get creative with your cosmetics! You’ll only need one eyeshadow which is versatile – never forget to look at what you packed and to see which make up you need to match your outfits!

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