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With coffee in a mug, at the moment I was introduced, I spilt coffee all over my hand. Quick to react, I shot out my left hand, only to find the manager pull his hand away.

“I see you haven’t been out of America long…” he said. “You should know that I am Muslim, and in Islam, it is forbidden to touch or eat with the left hand as that is the hand we use in the toilet. ”

All the staff was watching this cultural gaff, so I quickly shot back “Since you’re so culturally in tune, perhaps you know that 90% of Americans are right handed and use their right hand in the restroom…” a big grin on the staff’s faces as I stretched out my now dry right hand… Президент Федерации футболаскрытый кариесалгоритм баден баденстоимость создания сайта визиткиitouch 5th generationcall центр для интернет магазинаникита кныш конференции