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Besides serving up a menu of Modern Asian cuisine that is sure to excite any gourmand’s palette, KU DÉ TA is also a feast for the senses as they offer patrons a breath taking 360 degree panoramic view of the city’s skyline and Straits of Singapore. But it’s more than great meals and great views… the venue features four separate yet integrated outlets: a restaurant, club lounge, skybar and skydeck.  

An internationally renowned lifestyle destination that has crossed international waters to bring its signature panache to Singapore. Enjoy picturesque sunsets, exotic cocktails, as well as the finest cuisines, elements that are fast becoming the signature of KU DÉ TA Singapore.  

But enough about the view, what’s the real beef here?

sliced Ohmi Gyu at Ku De Ta Singapore

Well, if you’re looking to properly pamper your taste buds, they proudly serve genuine Japanese wagyu sourced only from the world famous ‘Takara Ranch’ in central Kansai. For over 400 years, the Imperial Palace of Japan has recognized Ohmi-gyu as the greatest beef raised in Japan. Only 2 ranches in Japan are licensed to export Ohmi-gyu. Keeping only a small herd of 350, the 100% kuroge-wagyu of ‘Takara Ranch’ is available in Singapore exclusively at KU DÉ TA Restaurant.

We’re taking succulent and tasty cuts, prepared lovingly and with finesse, making the perfect culinary experience for the jaded gastronaut. All the servings are cut and priced to order, so head on up and discover that heaven is not so far up in the sky…


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