You walk into a long room full of clean crisp colours that has a sort of cluttered, but with space, feel to it. Nature features heavily here, in it realistic form (a huge print of a Scandinavian vista) and in it representational form (fern green felt cushions, prints and textures).

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You can kit your home out with unique fabrics, colorful ceramics and at once elegant and comical lights – my favourite being the chandelier made of wine glasses.

This shop is about good design, forget IKEA – there’s more depth and thought behind the pieces in here. There is humour, delicacy and style. I particularly enjoyed the old fashioned sweet jars, adding a kind of playfulness to the place. Clothing is also available and like the rest of the store it is stylish, modern and dependable. There’s something reassuring about an item which has been carefully created, this is communicated through the pieces you find in here and in the whole atmosphere of the shop. Staff are friendly and not of the stalker variety. So you get to have a good nose round and touch stuff – with all this irresistibility you’ll be thankful.

– Style:Nordic, 39 Ann Siang Road, Tel: +65 6423 9114 l Arcade, #01-19. Tel: 6334 0955. Opening hours: 10:00am – 8:00pm, daily.

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