Located in Southeast Asia, the country of Thailand has been famous among tourists for its beautiful islands, historic culture and really cheap economy. It is the economy of Thailand which made the country insanely popular among backpackers in the old days. However, after being discovered, it didn’t take long for Thailand to gain popularity among the traveller’s community from around the world.  Starting from backpackers to luxury tourists, thousands of people flock over to this country every year to spend a memorable vacation. There are a lot of luxurious homes in Thailand which one can easily rent to enjoy a beautiful stay in the country. If you are planning to visit Thailand for your next holiday, here are nine things which you must try out while you are here.

1. Visit the floating markets at Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is famous for its iconic canal systems. The canals used to play a huge part in the daily lives of the people, and one can get an idea of how life used to be in Bangkok by visiting one of the many floating markets present in and around Bangkok. These gorgeous markets are a place where you can find various fresh produce, Thai ingredients and a lot of mouthwatering food. Enjoying a bowl of hot noodle soup served right from a boat will surely take you back in time.

2. Take a trip to Mu Ko Ang Thong

Located near Ko Samui, Mu Ko Ang Thong is a popular national park which is situated on the Gulf of Thailand. This archipelago of 42 islands is one of the best places you can visit while you are in Thailand. One of the most popular day-trips from Ko Samui, this national park is full of picturesque locations and marine animals. The closely situated islands make way to easy island hopping, and you can explore the numerous white-sand beaches and snorkel among the colourful coral reefs while you are here.

3. Dive into the water at Similan Islands

The Similan Islands archipelago is made up of total eleven islands, nine closely knit and two remote ones. The water surrounding these islands is one of the best diving spots you can find in the whole country. Located near the Phang Nga Province, these waters are home to many beautiful underwater rock formations and gorgeous coral reefs. East of Eden and Elephant Head Rock are some of the most popular spots in this area. You have to take a dive into the underwater world here while you are in Thailand.

4. Visit Maya Bay

Located near the island of Ko Phi Phi, Maya Bay was the shooting spot of the popular blockbuster movie The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Being one of the most famous beaches in the whole world, a trip to this beach is a must-do activity for every visitor to this country. The beach sees the footfall of almost 5000 tourists every day, and the stunning natural beauty of the location truly makes a visit to this beach worthwhile.

5. Shop at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

The largest city of Northen Thailand, Chiang Mai, is famous among travellers for the huge number of archaeological, cultural and natural attractions it boasts of. However, one of the best things to do while you are in this city is to visit its widely popular Night Bazaar. It is truly a shopper’s paradise, filled with various street food stalls, souvenir shops, clothes and many more. There are a lot of modern shopping complexes as well, and a trip to the Night Bazaar is a must while you spend your time here.

6. Take a trip to Ayutthaya

The city of Ayutthaya used to be one of the capitals of Thailand back in the day, so it is only obvious that the city will be home to many historic sites. The Ayutthaya Historical Park contains the ruins of the old city. The city was destroyed in the year of 1767 by the Burmese army. Visiting the ruins of this ancient city and exploring the various archaeological and architectural sites is a must-do thing while you are in Thailand. Also, remember to try out the freshly grilled freshwater river prawns that you get in Ayutthaya. You can be sure that you have never tasted that good prawns in your life.

7. Scale some rocks at Rai Leh

Rai Leh or Railay is a really popular destination to try out some rock climbing in Thailand. Located in Krabi, the destination lies on the coast of the Andaman Sea. The area is densely packed with over 700 rock-climbing routes, where you can try this popular adventure sports. The view of the sea is simply gorgeous from the top of the rocks, which makes the climb even more alluring.

8. Spend a few days at Ko Phi Phi

Located near Phuket in the Krabi province, the Ko Phi Phi archipelago is probably one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the whole of Thailand. There are a ton of watersport activities, night parties, and beautiful beaches where you can spend some quality time.

9. Eat some street food at Bangkok

Thailand is famous for its food, and one of the best ways to enjoy the true flavours of Thai cuisine is to indulge in the various street foods one can find here. The city of Bangkok is particularly a great place for this, as the streets of this city are practically lined with a ton of street food stalls where you can enjoy some of the most authentic street food you will ever taste in Thailand. Starting from Thai stir-fries to the ever so famous Tom Yum soup to various seafood to Chinese-influenced roast duck, there are simply a ton of delicious food for you to try out while you walk around the streets of Bangkok.лобановский политикhornady lock-n-load bullet feederлобановский александр игоревичVOLVO EUROlenovo ценаобзор смартфона htckisty4makiyazh.xyz