Miss Clarity Cafe

Succulent meats at the Miss Clarity Cafe

No kidding, I’m dead serious. Why so you ask? That’s because Miss Clarity just came to town. Not in the literal sense, but well, it’s a close reference to a cafe which goes by that name. I first heard of Miss Clarity Cafe a while ago from a friend and I suppose their uber-funky name got to me.

I was quite skeptical about going there initially – I’ve never been to Purvis Street, much less dine there and the place seemed pretty out of the way.

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But the moment I caught sight of the cafe, I knew this was not your typical run-of-the-mill place where the food is only satisfactory and prices, sky high. It was quite the opposite. The cafe’s bright and cheery walls exuded a youthful vibe and the ceiling was painted a pastel pink, green and yellow.

Now, the food… ah, the food is really something. I don’t usually rave about a certain eatery unless I’m dead sure about the quality of the yummy eats. Miss Clarity Cafe is one such place that I happily recommend to my friends. The chef used to be from Raffles Grill and has been to France for some culinary training. Impressive, no?

Here at Miss Clarity Cafe, quality is the buzzword. The prices are fairly reasonable and range from about $6.50 to $8 for the a la carte items. They also have value-for-money set meals that put you back by only $12.50 at the most; and that includes soup/salad, dessert of the day and coffee/tea.

For those who are visiting this cafe for the first time, I recommend you try their meat dishes. The sirloin steak, chicken cordon bleu and ballotine are a must-try. These main courses are well-cooked and served with potatoes. The chef usually varies the side-dishes. A fan of creative experimentation, he sometimes serves varied styles of potato (mash, roasted, gratin) and I think that makes the whole dining experience more exciting.

They’ve just launched their new menu and the garlic crusted dory is my current favourite. Oven baked and cooked to perfection, the dory was fresh and thankfully, didn’t have a fishy aftertaste. I am a garlic fan and was glad to see some roasted garlic served on my plate. Amazing stuff I say.

The pork roulade was a hit too. They use mustard in it and boy was it delicious. Fish lovers should try their pan seared salmon which was cooked to perfection. Enough about the main courses already; what’s a meal without dessert?

At Miss Clarity Cafe, it’s all about their bread and butter pudding. Served warm with a rich butter sauce, I am a fan of their pudding. It isn’t too soggy and neither is it too dry. The texture is just nice and the raisins give it an oomph. Another must-try is their mud ooze.

Made with quality French Valrhona chocolate, it’s actually a molten chocolate cake served with a soup of vanilla ice cream. They serve theirs in a porcelain cup and it really is a dream to eat and enjoy. Craving for something to drink instead? Then try their Chocolate Mint or Banana Vanilla Twist. These milk shakes are perfect for a hot humid evening in tropical Singapore.

For those who are wondering why the place is called Miss Clarity; well it’s because Nora, the lady boss, has a niece called Clarity and she thought it’ll be interesting to have her cafe in her name. So the next time you’re there, you might just bump into Miss Clarity herself. Anyway this cafe also has free wireless internet connection so do feel free to bring your notebooks to do your work or chill out. This place is such a gem and I’m glad Miss Clarity came to town, or rather, Purvis Street.

Miss Clarity Cafe 5 Purvis Street #01-04, +65 6339-4803, www.missclaritycafe.com

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