Angelia Teo is an ex-magazine editor who began making trinkets and baubles in her school days. About a year ago, she decided to take her craft seriously and set up the website Since then, she’s streamlined her collection to focus on Mea Culpa – “I am to blame” in Latin – where she showcases her penchant for rough edged femininity. She is currently freelancing as a writer while fueling the fires to her craft with occasional spells of creativity.

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All her pieces are named after men. Intricately cut wood pendants are the focus of Mea Culpa’s new collection. These laser-cut pendants and earrings are made using recycled sawdust boards and are resplendently devoid of colour. The star of the collection is Robin, a necklace which features a dove, with wings lovingly detailed in the wood, carrying a sprig of olive — the sign of peace. It is also available in a matching set of earrings.

Launched at the EcoLuxe show at Raffles City, Mea Culpa received an overwhelming show of support from fans, show attendees and even the eco-designer Sarah Ratty from Ciel.

The idea behind the wood collection is a counter-attack on the acrylic craze that is seen widely in the accessories market now. Acrylic, while colourful and versatile, is non-biodegradeable. “People buy these pendants with no intention of keeping them after 10 or 15 years,” explains Mea Culpa designer Angelia Teo. “That means it’ll sit in a landfill for many years after, surviving intact and never bio-degrading.” Wood, on the other hand, will return to the earth once discarded.

The 10-day exhibition sale showcased some of her new collection as well as one-off pieces that are constructed using recycled costume jewellery and chain. Eco Luxe ended 1 April, but purchases can be made online at The wood collection retails for $68 to $88.

Her jewellery is available online at and at Closet Affair in Far East Plaza. She occassionally makes appearances at bazaars. Her last one was Fash Bash.