Local delights singapore nasi lemak sim lim square

The best nasi lemak in town…

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My personal favorite dish, great for breakfast or lunch, is a coconut rice dish served with fried chicken wings, a fried (sometimes scrambled egg), chili paste and ikan bilis (dried minnow-like fish) with peanuts and cucumber. Before you go eewww, the little fishies are just like potato chips, so it’s not as bad as it sounds.

For the best nasi lemak in town, try Local Delights in the basement food court at Sim Lim Square, which also has great popiahs. For far too long, nasi lemak has gotten a bad name by those who serve it rudely and crudely. But not at Local Delights, each and every time they serve it up perfectly and, yes delightfully.

Thinky highly recommends!

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