I love your magazine I can hardly wait for the next issue. The problem is I have a really hard time trying to find it. Could you tell me the date it will be put on the streets? – Lou Niles

Well, this magazine is a real labour of love, and to be honest, Think Magazine comes out when Think Magazine comes out. Another unfortunate side effect of our popularity though, is that the magazine always gets picked up quickly. But to answer your question, it usually comes out around the 15th. Or not.

Hello thinkers

I recently relocated my business to Singapore from Hong Kong, and have looked carefully at where I should advertise. I’m a small company. I won’t say the name to protect the innocent, but I can say this: This country is a barren wasteland of publishing. I don’t get it. Up north, the streets are rife with every possible free weekly, monthly, bimonthly, newsletter, zine, etc. Here, there’s hardly anything. Juice is quite possibly the worst piece of imitation magazine I’ve seen. If you’re not willing to pay for the editorial, forget it.

Plus, I still can’t figure out who supposedly reads it. Banter is another joke. Good lord, who in their right minds finds this thing interesting? I can’t imagine the alternative newsweekly model like IS surviving much longer, seeing how they only react to the local daily. Speaking of which, Expat just makes me sad. I feel so sorry for them. It’s like they’re a dying orphan on life support and want so much to stay alive, but, oh dear, it’s just not going to happen.

And then there’s you. I like you, but damn, you need to figure some stuff out. You’re the only show in town that has a shot, in my opinion, but you need to do something about your dining reviews. A big reason I read Tink is for the dining reviews: Where am I going to go out to eat? Here’s the problem: Your reviews all sound the same! They’re all glowing, positive endorsements. That doesn’t help me much. I think your movie reviews are good and art listings are useful, but the dining reviews, well, suck. Thanks for listening. – Anonymous

Media publishing in Singapore is a very tough game. Most advertisers have little faith in a magazine having readers, and seem to go for just those that “look good”. Especially at the big media buying levels. They know very little about what people actually read on the street, and like. Something we all have to suffer with. But since you so readily slagged our competition, we’ll gladly give you a 25% discount on your ads!

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