Abolish Racism & Stereotyping

I just read your Asian Diaspora issue, and while pointing out major problems for us Asian Americans, you don’t answer with any solutions, just a basic comparison. Well, the differences are vast, more than just chop sticks and stereotypes. For example, Asian philosophy is much more individualistic than Western philosophy, which is founded on religion as a system of social conformity to create the perpetual state. Asian philosophy is founded on struggle for perfection of personal individuality; there’s no concept of original sin, no dialectic thinking, no social contracts. In Asian philosophy, you would never give up the individual to the state; that’s sissy philosophy. Western philosophy says we’re all losers and sinners and victims. In Chinese philosophy, we’re all soldiers; if we’re not fighting for personal integrity, then we deserve to be victims, we deserve to die. Too bad you didn’t go more indepth. – Hansi, via email

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Mr Hansi, with few exceptions, no article we’ve run was harder to research and got more reaction… I’m only printing your email as it was the only negative one (is it? I think so…). Basically, we only had a few pages for the subject, and there is a lot of background and issue to cover with it. We, in no way, intended to dismiss or diminish the societal problems of Asian Americans, we merely set out to give South East Asians a perspective on what Asian Americans have faced and how they are today. And to that goal, I think we excelled.

Lovin’ Think Magazine!

I really enjoyed your article on different vodkas which I caught on your website from a couple issues back. As a marketing professional, I’ve been fascinated with this particular facet of the spirit industry. Vodka’s an interesting area because, as your author points out, it can be made anywhere and with pretty much anything fermentable. Most of the vodka we consume all comes from the same source. Companies just add a thing or two to it, slap a label on the bottle, and start figuring out a way to get celebrities to drink it. It’s a slightly less than remarkable business model, if you come from the old school of marketing, where we rely on good ideas and execute them, rather than relying on some drunk celeb. Gotta do what you gotta do, I guess. – Daniel Ho

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