I’d just like to tell you about the greatest pizza I’ve had since my last trip home to New York. It’s called Sfigato Pizza in Bukit Merah (and Thomson Road). I rarely find pizza the way it’s supposed to be made. The dough was unlike anything I’ve had since being stranded here for work, as good as I’ve ever tasted anywhere… even in New York! Please make sure people hear about this place. I’ll do my best to keep them open. But I need help – I don’t know what I’ll do if they go out of business! – T.J. Rissing

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Yo T.J.! Peter Bontoi’s skills with dough are the stuff of legend! Did you know he also has a “Make Your Own At Your Home” catering service? Just make an appointment for your next party and he’ll turn up with all the required ingredients and equipment and make pizzas right on the spot! He does this for parties with a minimum of 10 pizzas, (just $11 per 12″ pizza) plus an additional $70 service charge. Still cheaper than Pizza Hut and more fun… just call 6270-5464 to book.

Dear Editors,

You have a great magazine, don’t get me wrong, but the greatest singular element of it is Joe Bodia. With all due respect, he’s the reason I pick it up. I’ll let you in on a little secret: When you retire, and I was fortunate to do so at a somewhat early age, you lose certain responsibilities. The first responsibility I lost after retiring two years ago was giving a sh*t. If you still give a sh*t, theoretically speaking, you’re not fully retired. But that’s just my opinion. To me, Joe’s articles seem like they’re written from the perspective of a man who really isn’t concerned about being judged. But he’s intelligent, and the combination of that is rare. There’s been a tremendous amount of attention of late to journalists and columnists and their opinions, and I just want to thank you for the refreshing, consistent, and unapologetic work that joe does. – Thomas Razili Kampong Glam

Thanks Thomas, words like this go a long way in gratifying us, as you might know, Joe is a trust fund baby and writes his pieces out of pure love for the craft. He’s the reason why Think is even here in the first place, even though he does chaff at the bit because he can’t really stir sh*t up the way he really wants to. At least here, in Sillypore.

Great job!

Your Foodie [Nov 2007] article on Cugini was probably the most useful review I’ve read in Singapore. Simply brilliant. Thank you. The place is as fantastic as the picture you painted. My wife and I eat out at least three times a week because a) she can’t cook, b) I can’t cook, and c) we love to eat out. We’ve always felt that Think is the only publication that really celebrates Singapore’s off the beaten path culinary treasures. Sure, we’re not London, but we have some absolutely incredible restaurants here, and many of them offer small windows in which to take advantage of smokin’ deals. Keep it up! – Bradly Koh

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