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I’ve been a long time reader (in Singapore) and would like to make a couple comments.

1) I feel your coupling of the Prague and Singapore magazines is a woefully flawed approach and/or business model. Singapore and Hong Kong? Ok, but Prague? Sure, the magazines themselves are mostly separate, but there’s many references / editorials in the magazine that combines the cities, even the domain name to the Czech Republic, etc..

As a Singaporean, I just don’t like the whole vibe of a Czech company / magazine getting into my affairs, I don’t feel any loyalty with such a group, because they can write all about the social scene in Singapore all they want, but in the back of my mind, I’m aware they are hooking up with hot Czech babes, and it conflicts with my desire to hook up with hot Singaporean babes.

I feel alienated that a Czech company is trying to become the social pulse of my country. In short, I think you are doing yourselves a disservice by combining the 2 different entities. I feel you’d be better served to keep them combined operationally while keeping that reality hidden and out of the consciousness of the Singaporeans and Czechs. The two groups of people have NOTHING in common with one another.

2) Regarding your article on government’s fascist actions of taking away smoking rights in public places, I see where you are coming from but I think your understanding of the situation is flawed and misunderstood. The jist of your editorial is that the government is clamping down on personal freedoms, and that second hand smoke isn’t really dangerous, it’s just an excuse to erode personal rights and institute fascist rules.

However, I think there are many cases such as an overseas flight or at a movie theatre where second hand smoke is dangerous. But regardless of the dangers, it’s annoying to have to smell it much less get a headache from it. So ok, I don’t think you would argue that smokers should have a right to smoke on a flight or at the movies, so where do we draw the line?

The issue as I see it, is one of a few bad inconsiderate smokers ruining it for all other smokers. It’s like most beaches in florida banning dogs. Why can’t I bring my dog to the beach? But it’s not the governments fault, it’s the intolerant child-like people who can’t socialise or work out intrapersonal issues amongst themselves.

And so the viscous cycle continues. The more these wide sweeping laws are imposed, the less freedoms people feel they have, so the more they fight and quarrel with others to maintain the rights and freedoms they do have, The cigarette smoker who has been banned from every bar and restaurant when they finally outside won’t care about blowing smoke around passer-by’s or flicking their cigarette butt on the street for someone else to clean up.

The root of the problem doesn’t lie with the government, it lies with people’s inability to compromise, their intolerance, their inability to socialise and work out problems individually with one another. It’s their selfish self-righteous attitude that fuels the new laws coming on the books.

People need to understand that supporting the infringement of personal freedoms on others will inevitably lead to the infringement of their own personal freedoms in some ways. But unfortunately, not enough people will ever see this connection. Such societies are starting to resemble the United States of Attorneys – Jeffrey Hock

All right, you win a free trip to Bintan Lagoon Resorts! We’re hearing you, our readers in Prague when they see the .sg email address ask, “Coze, co je v Singapura?” But you noticed nobody every thinks that .com is America trying to tell us the local pulse. And while there are currently no Czechs on our Asian staff, we still have writers from over there. And we’re looking into going all heavy and commercial with the website soon, so we’ll be taking care of the domain thang. As for your second point, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves… you angling for a writing gig or something?

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