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Dear Think,

I just got a highly disturbing shock from your most recent issue. As I eagerly turned the pages to read my new favourite column, “Hungry Bunny” it was gone. I panicked and thought that I had passed it and went back a couple of pages then flipped to try and find a table of contents and discovered that it truly wasn’t there! What happened, why was there no “Bunny’s View” to round out my delightful Think Magazine experience? And I fully expect you guys to come up with a REALLY good reason for this travesty of journalism or I may be forced to do something unthinkable. – Will keep reading anyway, Jenny

Jenny, don’t sweat it. Daisy was on an tropical cruise and couldn’t transmit her column to us in time. She was very sorry about the mix up, as were we. She’s back next issue and has set her sights on the television industry’s consistently absurd pairing of fat dudes with hot women.

Dear Think,

As expat residents of Singapore for 26 years, we have been looking for a magazine that epitomises the Lion City and all that it encompasses. We thought we had found this in Think, especially in its editorials, Darren Ho articles, and, most importantly, the “Thunk” pieces. The recent “improvements” in Think have severely disappointed us. The only reason we picked up Think in the first place was due to the wonderful articles and the insightful commentary. What happened to you guys? What happened to your cover? Did you sell out since you moved offices to Bugis? What the F@*! – Sorely disappointed and disillusioned ex-fans of Think, Heather and Collin

Usually when someone writes us a letter and tells us that we suck and they no longer read us, it is secret code for: Every time a new issue comes out, I immediately pick up a copy and read every single page. How else would it be that the same people, none of whom read us any more, keep writing in with specific complaints? But your letter is different.

You might actually be serious. The reason we say so is because we still feature Darren Ho’s articles and editorials in most issues, and if you actually read Think, this would be obvious to you. As for the Thunk pieces, we admit, we did write some hilarious stuff there, but let’s face it: Singaporean advertisers don’t want you to think. Just look at Juice and I-S. But we’re in the process of rectifying that, look for next month’s issue where we put in a special pullout for just the listings section, called Nightlife Singapore. We can crank it out again, just for you, with more brainy stuff!

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