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Great work!,

Thank you for printing an Excellent Holiday issue. The history of Clarke Quay alone should make it required reading for anybody working there! As a 10-year bartender around Asia (Cruise ships, Australia, Japan, Singapore) I’ve witnessed much bad behaviour, I have to tell you; nobody is worse than the Singaporean tipper.

Seems like you cover more of the drinking scene than the other magazines, kudos to you, I especially love the Lush Life column, (it’s a great title, ignore that hate mail saying otherwise). As a bartender, there’s a couple things I’d like to get off my chest:

1. It should not take you longer to get your money out of your wallet than it took the bartender to make your drinks.

Also, don’t order a round and say, “That guy over there is paying for it” when you’ve been served, making the bartender deal with finding “that guy.”

2. When the place is crowded and the bartender is slammed it is not the time to order a B52, lemon-drop, mudslide, etc. Order a gin and tonic or a Tiger for chrissake, and your bartender will love you (or at least hate you less). – Thanks, Jason C.

No, thank YOU Jason, It’s no secret that Think Magazine is fueled by a steady stream of champagne, caviar and sweet, sweet Remy Martin cognac. So naturally we raise our glass to you hard-working drink slingers of the world, so much so we’ve made a website all about bartending called the Witty Barman’s Guide.

But I feel compelled to mention that I hear bartenders bitching about lack of tips a tad too much. I know this is Singapore, but the majority of your wages are tax-free and in cash. You get all the free drinks you can stomach, you can sleep in until 3pm and you have the right to refuse service to anyone. I’m not saying, “Stop your bitching,” I’m just saying…