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To the editors,

Oh, now this is great. Last issue, you had an advertisement for the Miss SIngapore Chinatown directly across from your review of Miss Earth Singapore. Come on, how blatantly can you whore your editorial out for ad dollars? – Ed Poh, Simei

That’s a good question. A lot? I don’t know. We can’t really help it if organisers offer us up pretty girls in bikinis AND money (by the way, the two events are organised by completely different people). Cash and sexy superstars are the building blocks of the future. But we’ll give you your money back if you really want. Oh, that’s right. This magazine is FREE!

Hello Think,

Since the first time I picked up your monthly, I have been thoroughly impressed from the covers and the title itself to the contents that I found inside. It was truly a refreshing magazine to flip through and read given all the other fortnightlies, monthlies and even dailies for that matter that seem to deal with such mindless and at times unnecessary matters. I must say your editorials have always been amusing and the fact that you were probably the only locally circulated publication to critically look at the IMF summit couple of months back says a great deal. As for myself, I am a recent NUS graduate, who is now bonded to Singapore for a good minimum of three years.

Having been exposed to the world of publishing and publications from early on in my life, I have now come to understand the grasp it got of me only recently, when I found myself outside the protective shell of being a student. After long and tedious considerations as to where and what I should strive towards at least for the years that I am going to have to be here, there seems to have been only but one answer and that was in print media. Having come to this decision then, I have not looked back and I have decided where else to start other than at Think. So this is it. This is my first step into what will hopefully be a long journey. I know this is most likely a very long shot for me but it is an attempt nonetheless. Attached is my resume. Please contact me via email or telephone if need be. – Sincerely, Maxim Shrestha

Thanks for such a heartfelt letter. It’s a nice counterbalance to the previous whiners. We’ll be calling you in a day or so with an assignment! Peace out.