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Mr WebEditor

In your Holiday Gift Guide (which is still up on your website, by the way), I found the Handheld Lie Detector. This article might as well have no link attached to it at all. www.gadgets.com is nothing more than any of the other shopping search engines. They don’t actually SELL anything there, and their next-to-useless internal search engine turns up NOTHING but more links, which turn up nothing when you enter the phrase “Truster Portable Lie Detector” or even just “Truster.”

I’m sure you are no different than other people, and hate hours wasted searching for something that’s just not to be found. It’s more frustrating when you think you’ve found a short-cut for the search (like this article), then discover it’s worse than a dead-end – it’s a swamp where you can keep clicking, thinking you are getting closer, only to discover that there is no information to be found, no matter how long you let it suck you into trying. – J. Thurmanavani

Sorry J. Thurmanavani, but nice swamp analogy. In 2004, when that particular gift guide was conceived, the link pointed you directly to the handheld lie detector. Perhaps it’s no longer available. Sorry you feel we’ve added to your wasted time; that’s the last thing we want to be accused of, as I’m sure you can imagine after perusing our otherwise efficient website. Question: Why do you so desperately need a portable lie detector, J. Thurmanavani? Who do you suspect is not being honest with you? Paranoia is a disease of the mind.


I was wondering if there is a possibility of an open position in your company as a writer, copywriter or any other available positions and would like to submit my resume as well as some writing samples for your review. I have been following your zine and find that it is a very fresh, exciting and unique from other magazines here in Singapore. The concept of the magazine is very much in tune with my ideas, beliefs and interest of what readers interested in music and art would want to look into instead of the old, boring and “dry” urban lifestyle magazines. – Shine Mathew

Thanks for the letter, Shine, took a look at your writings and found them to be perfect for our magazine. You see dear readers, Think has an open submission policy, so if you’d like to be involved with our ‘lil old magazine, then just send us your submissions and we’ll take a look at them. Remember that wit and brevity is key, meaning don’t send us any 5,000 word treatise on the nature of post-colonial voting strategies. No more than 1,200 words for features, include art or photos, if you can!

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